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We spent alot of time creating, designing, and perfecting our underwear. We traveled around the world to source our fabrics and experimented with multiple combinations… to bring you sustainability and functionality.

Our underwear is designed for all mishaps, including slight incontinence, untimely discharge, private area sweating and other bodily fluids that can cause leaks or stains. The fabric is breathable, light weight and wicks moisture away from you. Our designs support various sizes and shapes which are seamless and comfortable for those who sport our brand.

underwear for all occasions

Once we feel good about ourselves, we can feel good about the world around us. We hope our daily use, revolutionary underwear will change the way you feel about going out into the world around you.

Our undies cater to many body types because our design uses very few stitches to enhance comfortability. Our fabric gets softer and more flexible with each wash and will mold to your body with each wear, providing ultra comfortable underwear that also encourage confidence.

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Whatever style you prefer, we have the solution for you. With several cuts to pick from, in a variety of colors, leakage is a worry of the past. Our underwear are a guaranteed solution for life’s little mishaps. Farewell panty liners and hello to a new way of living.

anytime 365 now mindset

Leaks could happen. Forunately, our panties are ideal for everyday wear because they sport a built in panty liner – so you can be confident even if you’re due to start anytime now…

We know how unpredictable life can be so that’s why we designed our underwear to combat the unexpected. Go through your day carefree because we have you covered. Our handcrafted underwear utilizes:

Our underwear is specifically designed with a built-in, machine washable ultra thin liner that absorbs leaks, prevents stains, wicks moisture and weighs less than 3 ounces per unit. It has a seamless design so you will not have panty lines and many women tout our underwear is light as air so it feels like you have nothing on. Our Anytime Now 365 underwear is about strategically preparing for the worst and knowing you have protection all throughout the day.

need a mask?

we can fix that

Our masks protect and provide a sense of comfort while sporting, just as our underwear does.

the panty report

Ever think to yourself: I wish I knew more about moisture-wicking technology? Well then you are in the right place! The panty report contains dozens of blogs that are available to inform you of all the little things that you may be curious about.

The panty report contains hundreds of candid blogs addressing all of the little things that you may be curious about in the 7 stages of womanhood. Each woman is in a definite stage in her life where we are at our best when we are prepared. This confidence comes understanding our bodies. Our blogs address everything from periods to post-partum and hormones to hygiene!

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apele loves giving back

Giving back is why we started our business. We have been fortunate to serve many communities, empowering girls and women, in a graceful, honorable and intelligent manner. Here are just a few organizations we have been able to work alongside: