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Any female with mishaps

That is, if you are worried about leaking. We cater to the woman on the go who is juggling many tasks and responsibilities. We know what it means to be active so our undies protect against the unforeseen. Perfect for the young tween or teen, waiting for their first period. Ideal for the young adult with untimely periods or a working professional with incessant discharge. We also provide a solution for the super athlete who might have slight incontienence. Confidence is quiet as we take care of your mishaps. We answer to all of your needs. 

Functionality + Comfort

It is a thin, ultra soft, lightweight undie that has a built in pantyliner. It absorbs up to 1 small tampon worth of any mishap. Our undie weighs less than 1 ounce and feels like a second skin. Our fabric is quick drying, wicks sweat and moisture away from your body. The edges are customized seamless so there are no panty lines.

Our undies cater to many body types because our design uses very few stitches to enhance comfortability. Our fabric gets softer with each wash and will mold to your body with each wear. 

Daily: Anytime Now 365

Anytime you think about using a pantyliner, try our daily performance undies which have a built in pantyliner. Our sewn in pantyliners are constructed with a power mesh, which you can comfortably rely upon against your private area. It will change the way you live and feel because there is no chaffing, no dry skin or rashes. You will have the right amount of protection everyday for your needs. Our undies can be worn as a backup to tampon or a menstrual cup. It absorbs mishaps, in a critical area, by pulling moisture away from you, so you feel confident throughout your day.

What are your mishaps?

Our undies can protect against the following mishaps: 


Whether waiting for your first or 100th period to come, avoid leaks with an untimely period or catch sporadic flows as you enter peri-menopause, our panties are perfect for first and last days of your cycle, as well as, spotting.

Urinary Incontinence

The two most common types of urinary incontinence that affect women are stress incontinence and urge incontinence, also called overactive bladder. Incontinence affects twice as many women as men. This is because pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause may cause urinary incontinence. Our everyday panties can catch slight urine, wicking away moisture and keeping you dry. 

Daily Discharge

Vaginal discharge is not a weird, gross thing. This thick fluid you’re seeing is the natural way your body keeps your vagina healthy as it helps to clean and flush out any possible bacteria. The average amount of discharge is roughly a teaspoon per day but it can differ if you’re sick, stressed or if you’re at a certain stage of your menstrual cycle. Our everyday panties help absorb this natural occurrence, keeping you confident and clean.

Backside Bloopers

Fecal incontinence isn't limited to any particular age group or gender. Although it more commonly strikes older people and women. In addition to maturing women, we have found that many experienced athletes and long-distance runners also manage their “runner’s trots” and similar occurrences with our Apele performance panties.   

Prenatal and Post-Partum

When you’re pregnant, it is common to have pressure on your bladder causing occasional incontinence when sneezing or even performing routine activities. Also, the amount of blood in your body will increase by up to 50 percent.  After birth, the extra blood vessels and tissue that supported your baby need to come away and be shed from your uterus. Some bleeding is normal as you shrink back down again, and of course some is from injury or tearing from birth itself. Our panties have been touted by pregnant and postpartum women everywhere as a non-slip, absorbent undie they can trust to their transitioning body. 

Our motto is #confidence is quiet: a mindset where our following are girls and women who are able to perform their best daily because they are prepared for the unforeseen and unpredictable. Our bodies are constantly changing so our goal is to help you understand the workings of what makes us unique and how to protect against potential embarrassing situations. Confidence comes from knowing oneself and how to self protect. Our undies will help you to feel more secure and carefree in your daily life. We believe the built in pantyliner is an easy, simple solution that is sustainable, affordable and can make your life easier. It will leave you feeling in control, focused and empowered everyday!

Trial our undies up to 25 days and change the way you live, feel and compete. We coined our undie, Anytime Now 365 to represent daily versatility for unpredictable mishaps.


I bought these undies at the Boston Marathon Expo and used them in that rainy race, which was happening at the time of the month where I would be wearing a pantyliner if not running a marathon. These undies were perfect!!!

Melissa, Iron Woman

Apele’s active underwear is a game changer for me. As a marathoner, you never know what can happen when you go out for a 4 hour run. I also love wearing the undies on normal days that I commute into Boston for work. If you sneeze or cough or holding it in while riding the commuter rail, you are protected from the little mishaps.

Lee Ann, 47 years old

I just wanted to write in to let you ladies know that I wore you undies for the Boston Marathon in the rain for 4 hours and they kept me dry. Unbelievable. I will be back for more once I get settled in back home. Thank you again and for your enthusiasm and desire to help women.

Ariana, 35 years old

We were all surprised about the durability of your undies and the fact that there were NO panty lines when wearing running gear. Many of the moms of teenage girls were most pleased because there is a huge need for your product. Thank you so much!

Brittany, unknown

My 14 year old Daughter loves your undies so I need to order 6 more of them.They are colorful, light and look like everyday undies. It keeps her prepared. Thank you Apele!

Beatrix, 45 year old mom

I wear your undies on the first and last day of my period. Apele panties feel great as my skin feels air and there is no chaffing, which gives me relief sooner than if I used a pantyliner or light day pad. Thank you for also helping me save money.

Jenna, 35 years old

Apele allows for me to concentrate on what I am doing and not worry about leaking. Often I wear my tampon than I should so Apele gives me the reassurance I am covered. Super thin performance fabric makes it feel more sporty and light.

Kay, 25 years old

It was very timely as my daughter got her first period a few days after the underwear arrived! She was nervous wreck about going to school and I think the underwear really helped her to feel more confident! 

Marianne, 40 years old

My daughter lives in your undies as she is a sports fanatic. She said typically you will need to change out of the workout gear but she stays in your undies as they wick sweat really quickly and so versatile that she can wear leggings on top of them too with no panty lines. WOW. Did not expect such a high quality product. I will come back for a pair for myself. 

Helen, 40 year old mom

Apele Membership

Our products are made with our love: as we sourced the highest quality fabrics, threads and best possible stitching to give you utmost comfort. Our goal is bring you with the best value we can afford. This means we make less for ourselves so we can empower more girls and women who really need the product. We also want you to feel more confident and self assured when you leave our store.

The Apele membership program will allow for many rewards along the way, all to enhance your confidence. This is how it works:

1) Buy your 5th undie and get a free surprise from us. 

2) Buy your 10th undie and get the 11th undie free. 

3) After your 20th undie, you will be a lifetime Apele member, where you get free shipping on all purchases, referral incentives, cool trendy freebies monthly and great insider track advice on pelvic care, insights on female bodily changes and how to navigate as we age. We already have some customers in this category and they are actively engaged in helping us create the next generation of undies. 

We hope you join the Apele family!

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