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What is Moisture-Wicking Underwear?

Do your panties have you covered in case of life’s mishaps? Apele panties do- whether it’s an unexpected start to your period, an episode of urinary incontinence, or even one of the most simple everyday inconveniences: crotch sweat.

You don’t exactly have to be an Olympic athlete with a killer workout routine to benefit from the extra layer of support Apele panties provide. In fact, the everyday woman lives a hectic daily life flitting from one place to another, conquering one goal while already pursuing the next. And yes, crotch sweat tends to make an appearance during these busy moments. But it shouldn’t be a reason to pause your daily progress to take care of this uncomfortable situation. That’s why choosing Apele panties as your preferred daily underwear is a no-brainer.

Though the durability and adaptability of Apele panties are unmatched, the technology behind them is actually quite simple. Within each pair of everyday panties lies a built-in breathable panty liner meant to move with you. The performance fabric overlaying the panty liner draws liquids and moisture away from you to ensure you feel dry and confident throughout the day. Underneath this initial layer, we’ve added a super-thin polypropylene power mesh fabric to prevent any leakage from occurring. Enhanced for performance and made for ultra flexibility combined with super absorbency, Apele panties were designed with your needs in mind.

This sleek and sensible design makes crotch sweat a problem of the past. And unlike other panties, women of all body types enjoy the same sexiness and double-duty security Apele panties are praised for. Each individual pair absorbs the equivalent of a regular tampon’s worth of liquid. It’s no wonder many women feel extra protected during their periods when they wear our panties.

If you’re a woman who’s not really a gym bunny because the fast-paced flow of your daily life keeps you more than active; but you still deal with a light albeit annoying amount of crotch sweat– Apele panties are for you. If you’re a woman who never misses a weekly pilates session after a gruesome spin class and who still needs to rush home to cook a healthy dinner afterward– Apele panties are for you. Crotch sweat doesn’t discriminate nor care about your heavy to-do list and your desire to complete said list with as few distractions as possible. Apele panties have found a way to combat this while not compromising on comfort, affordability, or practicality.

So we ask you again– do your panties really have you covered? If the answer is no, the solution is as easy as saying goodbye to pesky crotch sweat and hello to a sweat-free future.


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