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Face mask

w/ antibacterial nano composite fabric


This is a breathable, washable, high-performance antiviral face mask. It provides high-level respiratory protection that is comfortable and molds to your face on first use. The nano protection fabric is unique in that it inhibits and suppresses particles that land on the mask. The fabric sterilizes immediately and has a nano-silver catalyst which makes it a perfect “protective” shield. This product has been FDA-approved as safe for its disinfectant properties. This will serve as reliable, personal protection as you venture outside of your homes to avoid cross-infection.

best protection

Why Apele Masks make a Difference? Our masks prevent, protect and perform. This newly designed maks deters the spread of airborne bacteria. Our masks can be worn all day as it lightweight, breathable and reuseable. Our goal was to create something that is eco-friendly, socially responsible and highly functional.

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