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postpartum underwear

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Our undies are designed for mishaps of all sorts. Not just everyday incontinence or daily discharge, but also the untimely and sometimes signficant bleeding or ovulation that comes post-partum. Our tum&bum and everyday brief designs are perfect for the post-partum weeks and months as your body gets back on a regular cycle. The soft fabric will not irritate stitching areas like after an episiotmy or c-seciton, while also providing a sense of compression that is the perfect balance between snug and supple for your healing utereus. It also provides tummy tuck and bum bum lift naturally as our undies give you shape without the constriction of blood flow.

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Resistant to Leaks & odor

For many women living with the rather common occurrence of incontinence, we at Apele have created solutions to help you manage life without leaks while also finding some other ways to possibly help relieve some of the symptoms altogether.

Our undies traps unwanted odors along with leaks so you feel fresh and worry-free.

Our interior layer is leak-resistant: it is constructed with a power mesh layer which sits against your skin and under it, is a leak-resistant layer made of a thin sheath of polypropylene to prevent leaking. The combination of these two interior fabrics + a high stretch performance fabric creates the perfect everyday leak-resistant solution.

It’s common for a new mother to accidentally leak urine when she laughs, sneezes, coughs or exercises. This is known as stress incontinence. Our underwear is also helpful to women who have surgeries in their lower abdomen areas where you need protection as you heal.

Moisture Wicking tech

Our performance fabric layer wicks sweat and moisture away from your body with our ultra thin technology so you barely feel it is there and will feel dry where it counts. The power layer mesh does not pool bacteria because it dries quickly. Your body heat evaporates what goes into the core, drying as you move.

Our quick-drying inner lining keep you from feeling damp. Our non-cotton undies dry quickly on or off your body making them ideal for all day wear and working out.

When returning to your pre-pregnancy routines, try to wear moisture-wicking underwear that will help prevent sweat from entering your genitals. Underwear that’s too tight can cause uncomfortable chafing. There’s no evidence that thongs cause yeast vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis , or UTIs, so if you prefer thongs, it’s fine to wear them daily. Within each pair of everyday panties lies a built in breathable panty liner meant to move with you. The performance fabric overlaying the panty liner draws liquids and moisture away from you to ensure you feel dry and confident throughout the day. The key is to wick moisture away from your private area. This applies to sweat as well.

Easy wash and quick dry

Bonded seamless

Sweat & moisture wicking

No Chafing

Water permeable

Leak & odor resistent 

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