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Youth Brief


Introducing you to our everyday brief for youth. This teenager underwear collection has a built in pantyliner that is sewn into our performance fabric and serves just as a pantyliner would. The biggest difference is our interior is constructed with a power mesh which absorbs and is quick drying and a leakproof layer which protect against leaks. This is for light coverage and perfect for the early budding puberty leaks of discharge and menses that young women experience the first few months when their cycles are regulating. It allows for young pubescent girls to go about their day without anxiety about their unannounced period. Also there is no need to carry around a pad or a change of underwear, or a trip to the nurses office as your loved one is prepared.

Perfect Fit Guarantee. We fit you until you are 100% satisfied.

Our performance fabric is 90% poly and 10% Lycra so it stretches and moves as you move. Interior: PUL (100% polyester) and Power Mesh Gusset (90 nylon/10% spandex) The multiple layers make it sound thick but it is not.

Shipping starts at $3.95

comfortable & confident

Our collection of teen period panties come in cute colors & styles while delivering all-day protection. We purposely picked fun, subtly vibrant, emotionally sensitive colors to uplift the spirits of those who sport our underwear. Odorless & easy to wash. No stains to worry about externally.

Easy wash and quick dry

Bonded seamless

Sweat & moisture wicking

No Chafing

Water permeable

Leak & odor resistent 

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