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Should I Avoid Underwear At Night?

Should I avoid underwear at night? 

Have you ever heard the rumor that boycotting your undies at night could be good for the vagina? 

Well, there is definitely still debate about whether or not it is healthier, but the good news is, whether you choose to go sans undies or stay protected in panties, Apele undies are made of fabrics that support you day or night! 

Here is some info regarding the idea of going commando in the cot. These unspoken underwear rules can have an impact on your vaginal health! After a lot of research, several underwear hygiene studies, and talks with a pelvic therapist, we heed the following guidance for everyday (and night) underwear.

1. Overall, choose fabrics that breathe!

There are myriad fabrics to choose from when purchasing panties. You’ll want to keep in mind that undies are meant to protect you, while also keeping you comfortable – both in feel and function. That said, when and if you choose to stay in undies through your nightly slumber, consider Apele fabrics which boast our performance fabric layer. This wicks sweat and moisture AWAY your body with our ultra-thin technology so you barely feel it is there and will feel dry where it counts. Our power layer mesh does not pool bacteria because it dries quickly. Your body heat evaporates what goes into the core, drying as you move…or sleep like a log through the evening. 

2. Choose leak-resistant and fast-drying fabrics for discharge.

Vaginal discharge is healthy.  So, if you find yourself having more than you’d like to let “roam free” overnight while sleeping, then you’ll want to opt for undies that have a leak-resistant layer while also ensuring they dry quickly to avoid infections, including both yeast and bacteria. 

Our interior layer is leak-resistant: it is constructed with a power mesh layer that sits against your skin and under it, is a leak-resistant layer made of a thin sheath of polypropylene to prevent leaking. The combination of these two interior fabrics + a high stretch performance fabric creates the perfect everyday and nightly leak-resistant solution. This is also true of those who are experiencing ovulation or even post-intimacy where bodily fluids can excrete over the following few hours. 

3. Go commando at night to “air out” moisture.

For those who have a healthy vagina, either choice is fine. For those who deal with regular yeast infections, going pantie-free to bed can make all the difference. Going without a cloth barrier allows the vaginal area to “breathe” overnight and keeps moisture from building up or creating an environment for bacteria to build.

You can always wear a long t-shirt or even loose-fitting sweats or shorts if you’re not a fan of too much exposure between the sheets. Still, if you opt for bottoms without undies, remember that those items will need to be washed regularly as well and shouldn’t be worn multiple nights in a row without cleansing. 

Basically, it doesn’t hurt to go without underwear overnight. But, if you are going to stick to panties, make sure you’re trusting in products that are good for your body and your budget! (Consider our website deals at the top of the main page!) The female body can be unpredictable at times. Confidence comes from being prepared. Our underwear prepares and protects you from small annoyances: slight incontinence, spotting, discharge, sweat, and untimely bleeding.


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