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How Apele underwear is a game-changer for the environment and your workouts

From weight training to cardio, having a consistent and active lifestyle is certainly one of the most arduous and impressive undertakings a person can put themselves through while alive. It takes discipline and determination! But does it also take special underwear?

While the rewards are definitely noteworthy, the impact training can have on the body is sure to test the strongest of men and women.  Women, in particular, are subject to experiencing pelvic floor disorders and weakened muscles over time due to strenuous biking, running, and swimming.

In fact, a recent national Web-based survey reported that 1 in 3 female athletes experienced symptoms of pelvic floor disorders.

What was the most frequently reported symptom?  Stress incontinence. That is urinary incontinence, which takes place due to repetitive endurance activities that are straining or exhausting the pelvic floor muscles.

Fortunately, Apele performance panties are designed specifically around these issues, and with much of the feedback being from marathon runners, triathletes, and other professionals in the industry of fitness, you can bet that the Apele performance panties are ideal for you no matter your level of activity.

So, how can Apele support you, a female, as you train and race?  Here, we list the many ways our panties help support you in your incredible achievements.

Sweat and Moisture 

Let’s talk training. While preparing for your race days or beating your own personal milestones, you are likely involved in endurance or high-impact sports, which naturally put you at risk for pelvic floor disorders. Our undies offer a performance fabric layer that wicks sweat and moisture AWAY your body. Staying dry means you stay focused versus worrying about embarrassing or unforgiving sweat marks in sensitive regions.

Attire Appearance 

With our ultra-thin technology, you don’t have to worry about unsightly bunching of fabric messing up your otherwise perfectly-donned activewear.  Protection doesn’t have to be bulky.  Meaning your focus is on your respective goal, that last strong rep or a finish line… not a panty line!

Spotting or Untimely Cycles

Your spin bike might not be the only “cycle” you experience during your exercise regimen. Oftentimes, strenuous exercise or activity can send some hormonal signals that result in “breakthrough bleeding” during or immediately after your routine.  While this may not be a huge reason for concern, it certainly is an incident that can happen irregularly and at the least opportune time.

In fact, is there any time during a workout sesh that is a good time to experience this?!  Whether your menses is showing up on the side-lines or you experience spotting that is simply due to your body’s response to movement, our Apele panties are there as your protective layer that absorbs up to 1 small tampon’s worth of “mishaps”. Likewise, if you’re already racing “on the rag”, our panties are a great option for additional protection in the event of overflow or leakage. Some backup for your backside!


You want underwear that performs at the optimal level that you do.  Our Apele panties are meant to last the long haul with proper care. Running with mishap-proof activewear does not have to be unpleasant or unattractive.  Nothing like having to come out of the saddle of your cycle to remove a wedgie every few miles. Our panties move with you, without moving on you. The flexible-yet-fitting fabric makes sure you have just enough balance between stretch and compression.

 As an active woman, you have your mind already committed to so many areas.  Your focus should be laser-sharp and worry-free. When it comes to continuous and sequential endurance races or reps, we are your go-to brand so you can compete in confidence! Race over to our collections page to shop performance panty designs that speak to you.


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