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Herbal Teas for Period Symptoms

Mmmmm. Tea. Who doesn’t love an iced tea to cool their over-heating bodies on a strenuous day of activity, or a warm tea at night to soothe their cramps and tensions before bed during their monthly menses? Here we list the top teas to consider for concoctions when self-soothing or grab-and-go options during your cycle. As there are both caffeinated teas and herbal teas, we will focus on herbal, since the majority are caffeine-free and less likely to stimulate cramping.

Herbal Tea #1 – Cinnamon. A popular spice with chemical compounds that give it unique healing abilities, boasting as an antioxidant with additional antimicrobial benefits. For ladies with regular mood swings, this is a winner right after dinner!

Herbal tea #2 – Ginger. You may not be feeling ginger, but ginger may help you feel more balanced. Ginger is known for its ability to relieve but also for being as effective as ibuprofen for pain relief, according to clinical studies. It is intended to calm the stomach, but for some actually disturbs it, so try in moderation at first to see how well it aids you in digestive bloating and cramps.

Herbal tea #3 – Chamomile. Applauded for its slightly sedating effects, Chamomile can assist with those sleepless nights caused by discomfort and cramps. Another benefit? It is rumored to be a nighttime tea, as it helps give you quality rest.

Herbal tea #4 – Fennel. Best known for its black licorice-like taste, Fennel contains anethole (a compound with anti-spasm effects) that may help to ease menstrual cramps in some women.

There are many variations of teas that you can find to assist with PMS, cramping, mood, and more. Visit your local drugstore, grocery store, or farmer’s market to find either pre-packed herbal tea remedies or the above-listed herbs themselves to incorporate into your own cramp-calming concoction.


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