General Questions

Q. How do Apele Undies work?
We created an underwear that has a built in pantyliner, which gives you a little extra protection for all the unexpected occurrences that happen to our bodies, which are often, out of our control. These occurrences are likely very small but noticeable discomforts. Our undies take on the little burdens, leaving you to focus on the present.


Q. Do I have to wear Apele undies daily?
No, not at all. Wear them when you are feeling anxious about your body or uncertain about when your period is coming. Many of our customers end up wearing them daily because they are so comfortable and secure. 

Q. How can Apele undies change the way you live, feel and compete?
We protect against the unforeseen mishaps allowing you to feel confident, worry free and secure daily. Our athletes find it most impacting because so many things can happen when you are active. The working woman loves it because it eliminates the need to constantly make bathroom trips. Our younger girls have unpredictable periods so our undies transition them to womanhood worry free.


Q. What happens if I buy undies from Apele and they do not fit? 
We will send you another pair until you are 100% satisfied with your fit. We spent years working on the technology and take great pride in our product. We stand behind our creation.


Q. Can I wear my Apele undies over and over again? 
Yes, wash and wear again and again. We washed our Apele undies over 100x and they still hold their shape and functionality. They get softer with each wash and wear and increasingly comfortable.


Q. How do I care for my Apele undies? 
Soak in any soap for 2-5 minutes and throw in with the rest of your laundry. Dry on low heat or hang dry (30-50 minutes depending upon climate). Quick-dry fabric will have you ready to wear them again soon. Having a few pairs is ideal for this reason.


Q. Do I need to buy panty-liners? 
No! That’s the beauty of Apele undies. Our undies replace your pantyliners so you can use them for all mishaps when you otherwise would wear pantyliners. Our product keeps you feeling fresh without chafing, dryness and irritation to the skin because our fabric is made with a soft power mesh.


Q. How much does the Apele pantyliner section absorb? 
Our pantyliner section absorbs light secretion, discharge, sweat, ever so slight incontinence (laughing and sneezing post baby) and very light bleeding (beginning and ending of your period). You know your body best so treat our undies the way you would your pantyliner.


Q. How often do I need to change my Apele undies?                                          
As often as you might change your pantyliner. Once soggy, wash it out and throw on a new pair. For heavier days of bleeding, we would recommend that you use check out our heavy day undies, which will be hitting the market March 2019. 

Q. Can I wear Apele undies with a tampon or menstrual cup?
Absolutely! Many of our customers use a primary product and then wear Apele panties as a second and extra layer of protection. Thus the name, Apele- AH, Peel.. as in the outer skin of a fruit which protects the most sacred inside. Our undies seek to operate like that skin and protect against further leaks that tampons and cups often do not fully absorb or catch. We do not guarantee it to be leak proof as everyone has a different flow. Our undies catch what a pantyliner reasonably absorbs.


Q. Can I wear Apele undies with a pad? 
We have a special technology called a wing pocket. If you choose to add a pad, you attach your pad with wings onto the core layer and fold the wings behind the flap design so you don’t see the wings or feel them against your skin. The pad secures tightly to the core layer so as you move so your pad will remain stable. Our undies serve to save embarrassment for younger girls wearing pads. No one can visibly see the wings with our undies.


Q. How does the built in pantyliner feel and work? 
Our pantyliner construction has 2 layers of protection overall:  Our Mesh Liner, Leak Resistant Layer, which can hold up to 1 teaspoon or 1 small tampon equivalent over a reasonable time where you would wear a pantyliner of fluids. It also protects against leaks, as your pantyliner would expect to function. Our 3rd layer is an exterior performance fabric, which is lightweight, wicks sweat, is breathable and soft to the touch! You will forget you have them on.


Q. Who can wear Apele undies? 
Every female who experiences mishaps: periods, discharge, light incontinence, excessive sweating or sometimes backside bloopers.

Our product was designed primarily for girls who are expecting their periods and girls and women, who experience every day happenings, like discharge and desire overall freshness. You can wear our product daily until you get your period and wear it for your light days.


Q. How quickly do I need to change my underwear during my period? 
It depends on your own personal cycle, mishap and how fresh you like to maintain your private area. Don’t worry, there is no standard as every BODY is different. If you have an extremely light day of just spotting while waiting for your first flow of blood, you can wear them that entire day. Once you have that first flow of about one tampon worth, you’ll want to rinse and wash them and exchange them for another pair.  Oftentimes, young girls will wear them the days leading up to their period and the last day of their cycle when they bleed just a little here and there.


Q. What if I have additional questions about my Apele undies, how do I contact you?
Email us at and we will respond within the day.