Why Wear Period Panties With Pads or Tampons?

Oops you did it again! No matter how many menstrual cycles you’ve had, you’ve likely managed to miscalculate an early arrival or even a light day that turned heavy without a hint!

It happens to the best of us! And this is just one of the many reasons to have a pair of period panties on you – literally – at all times.

First and foremost, there is the obvious reason of leakage. Period panties act as a back-up when you are already on your cycle and may not have anticipated a heavy flow or are between options to stop and swap. Period panties rescue you – and your clothes with extra absorbency.

But, not just as a back-up. Also, as a front-line. If you are wearing your period panties during the days that are leading up to your cycle, you may find that they catch the first set of stains that accompany the onset of “Aunt Flo(w)” – without her making a grand appearance to others. It is important to note that changing your products regularly is still a critical practice to ensure you do not place yourself at risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome or infections.

In addition to the understandable reasons of absorbency at the entrance and visit of your menses, wearing period panties can also assist with the discharge that takes place during ovulation between menstrual cycles. Many women state that they have regular discharge that typically wets their panties beyond comfort. This is especially felt after using the restroom and reintroducing the period to the vaginal surface. Period panties are comfortable enough to wear as everyday undergarments, while also helping with everyday excretions.

Lastly, period panties can serve as a powerful and helpful barrier to everyday odors. As if common vaginal infections aren’t annoying enough with their odor and ooze, they also typically require using a form of ointment that continues to drip post-application. Period panties can assist greatly in the absorption of such release without giving away an aroma of evident medication.

Keeping all of these in mind, we have specifically designed period panties that assist you in the above-mentioned protection, absorbency and peace of mind. Feel free to browse our selection or even share with us some designs you’d like to see featured for purchase.

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