Why too tight is not good (when wearing leggings)


We’re all for freedom of expression here at Apele and that comes down to anything you choose to wear, whether it’s wearing your hair a million funky ways or layering your wrists with silly bands-- do you! For women in recent times, tight and form-fitting clothing has become all the rage. Form-fitted skirts to bodysuits (leather leggings were so in at one point), the options are endless! The look and feel of ultra-tight shirts and tops may be appealing but this trend does come with its downsides which are important to consider before you drop cash on that outfit you’ve had your eye on. 

While super fashionable, it’s nearly impossible for tight clothes to be considered comfortable. So if you’re a sweats and baggy pants type of girl, you need to factor that in before completely revamping your wardrobe. Tight jeans will be hard to get into and even more difficult to pull off at the end of the day. A figure-hugging tight dress is perfect for a night out but the skin-tight design will leave you exposed to panty-lines,wrinkles, camel-toes,sweat stains, and other potential mishaps. 

Aside from comfort, a myriad of health complications can potentially arise due to clothing that’s just too tight. Poor circulation is a common problem caused by tight clothing and is due to form-fitting and inflexible material binding too tightly preventing proper blood flow and circulation. This then causes cramping, numbness, and other uncomfortable sensations. In addition, suffocating skinny jeans or tights can actually compress major veins in your leg and be quite painful aside from cutting off circulation. A chronic condition termed meralgia parasthetica in which a person suffers from a burning pain in the thigh area can potentially develop after a certain length of time. For those that wear tight clothing occasionally this may not pose a serious issue, but long-term wearers of this particular style should take heed. 

Women should take even more caution around tight clothing and here’s why ladies --your lady bits! It’s common knowledge that not wearing a thong every day and not douching are good practices to abide by, and the same should extend to your clothing! Tight bottoms reduce airflow down there which makes the perfect breeding ground for yeast and bacteria, but they also just irritate your vagina, period! The constant pressure and friction rubbing against your sensitive area causes redness, itchiness, and swelling. Combined with trapped moisture and bacteria, your vagina won’t be happy with you. As always, see your Gyno with any new problems. 

Fashion is always changing and the newest thing is right around the corner. If you do enjoy tight clothing then continue to wear your favorite outfit but be sure to mix up your weekly clothing choices a bit and intersperse the tight options with loose and fitted outfits too. 

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