Why It’s Important to Wear Breathable Panties



Listen up, ladies! Is your peach parched?  It is super important to make sure your lady bits can breathe!  In preparation for this blog, we scoured the internet and researched the many benefits to allowing your “area” to air out. So dig through the details and then dig through your drawers to find panties that are ideal for you when it comes to the perfect balance between function and freedom.


Here are the main benefits to breathable panties:


Do not Yield to Yeast.   We definitely do not want our sensitive skin to succumb to yeast infections. Most ovaginal yeast infections are caused by a fungus called Candida albicans, Candida, or yeast. When this yeast overgrows in your vagina, you have a yeast infection.  Tight underwear can trigger the overgrowth of Candida due to the trapping of warmth and moisture, which is wear Candida like to live and multiply! Opt for breathable fabrics like Apele everyday undies!


Outsmart Ingrowns.  If every time you turn around you are having to tweeze or pluck painful ingrown hairs from the areas your panties rub against, chances are they are too tight and uncomfortable to let the skin breathe alongside the seams and where the fabric meets the flesh.  By investing in panties that boast materials that stay put while also leaving room to breathe, you are lowering the likelihood of unwanted hair growth issues.


Cutting Circulation. The last thing we want to do is to shame the shapewear brands, however, it does need to be said that if you are wearing shapewear, if you are donning it for too tight or for too long, you run the risk of nerve impingement and decreased circulation. So beyond just breathable it also needs to not suffocate your shape.


Wet (and not the good kind).  Surely there is a time and a place for vaginas to experience lubricant – both naturally and enhanced. However, when it comes to the vagina staying wet, particularly with sweat, it is important that your panties have breathable technology so you can lower the likelihood of UTIs and other infections, as well as, odor!


For all these reasons listed above, we highly recommend shopping around for options that have this issue in mind. Apele performance undies are intentionally designed with layers that wick sweat, pull bacteria away from the vagina and dry quickly.




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