Why is it important to stop pretending? 

Life isn’t perfect. On the contrary it’s ripe with negativity, failure, tragedy, and other barriers to success. While a positive mindset can make a difference when you’re going through a difficult time and also helps immensely to remain focused on your goals, it doesn’t erase pain or other internal struggles you experience. Using positivity to turn a new leaf over is a good place to start but it’s not a suitable way to mask your issues and certainly not a substitute for a proper healing process. So-- stop pretending you’re okay when you’re not. It’s okay to not be okay. Healing from the emotional and mental scars you’ve buried deep inside takes time and the critical first step entails self-realization and developing a roadmap for recovery. 

Deep, raw, and emotional pain epitomizes what it means to be human. While physical pain may cause great discomfort in the moment, it’s temporary and subsides eventually. These guarantees don’t hold true for subconscious and internal pain that cuts deep into the very fibers of our being. Human beings take the intensity of this type of pain and use it to learn about out situation and relate to others, it’s how we survive even the most trying times. Our pain tells us that something under the surface isn’t working properly and we must take the necessary measures to remedy whatever that thing may be. So listen to what your intuition is trying to relay to you. 

Covering your pain with hope and a new outlook on life may work at first since you’re trying so hard to ignore the periodic proddings. But the cracks reveal the facade eventually. It’s not sustainable to conceal your inner turmoil with positive thoughts because constantly lying to yourself sets up a dishonest and misleading foundation for your mental and emotional well-being. Being honest with yourself and pinpointing the cause of your pain is a powerful first step to self-healing. It’s this self-realization that allows you to regain the necessary strength and confidence to face your fears head-on and realign your head in the right direction. 

On the other hand, if you’ve been struggling with these issues for some time now and have been unable to reconcile them despite countless efforts, chances are you need help. Most people avoid situations that make them vulnerable, but there is no weakness to be had in vulnerability. Strength and empowerment lies in the ability to understand when we are vulnerable because in the moment you embrace your vulnerability, you recognize your flaws and need for growth but still accept your true and genuine self. 

Once you fully commit to personal growth, transcend the barriers you’ve built up to mask your pain, and discover the untapped strength that lies within you, the positive mindset you desire will follow. 

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