Why is confidence quiet? 

Confidence: we all desire it and try to embody it when we can, but it often evades us. You can find countless articles online detailing how to look, feel, and breathe confidence-- but what do you consider to be confidence in the first place? Is it looking your absolute best, being able to talk to others without falter? Whatever criteria you use, true confidence starts from within; it’s how you feel about yourself. Even more surprising, confidence and quietness are synonymous with one another. You don’t have to be loud, talkative, or a social butterfly to be confident and here’s why: 

You Work on Yourself Before You Worry About What Others Think 

Gaining confidence requires internal work beforehand. You focus on developing a mindset that helps build and nurture trust within yourself. You become open to learning and exploring to facilitate your personal development, a trait that stems from being a student of life. Instead of loudly proclaiming your knowledge, bragging about your positive attributes, or undertaking a stubborn know-it-all attitude, you allow your quiet mindfulness and reflection to exude your confidence. 

You Actively Listen Before Responding 

Being a confident person is markedly different than being brash, egotistical, or impulsive. Once you establish solid self-worth and trust you’re always looking for ways to improve, which can often mean listening to others’ differing viewpoints. Confident people avoid being stubborn and are willing to listen and consider before responding. Though disagreement is inevitable at times, confident people remain open to learning when they find they are wrong. 

You Go For What You Want & You’re Not Afraid to Work For It 

What can confidence help you achieve? Well, it’s entirely up to you but it does play a huge part in propelling you towards your goals. Your confidence inspires positive self affirmations and helps to ease hesitation. Instead of doubting your abilities, you embrace them and pursue the goals you set. Not only do you let the value you provide and your hard work speak for themselves, you retain and showcase high confidence levels without a need for excessive boasting or talking. Your actions speak louder than your words. 

Confidence can be fleeting and difficult to sustain, but once you’ve got it you don’t have to talk a big game to keep it. Your own self confidence enables you to become a more thoughtful and charismatic individual who trusts herself and her capabilities. In this way, you can be the most confident person in the room without necessarily being the loudest. 


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