Why Gratitude is Crucial to Happiness

Money, travel, a lucrative career-- these are some of the many things that people aspire to in life. Yet the number one thing everyone truly wants aside from monetary and tangible things: happiness. Material objects are nice to have, but do they make life truly worthwhile without any sort of happiness present? After all, it’s possible to have very little but still feel fulfilled and happy. You may think finding happiness is simply easier said than done, but the first step to obtaining the happiness you desire begins with employing gratitude in all aspects of your life.

Mindset is everything when it comes to achieving a goal in life. Reaching a highly sought after goal requires intense energy and focus while retaining any negativity, as  hesitation hinders progression. Why? If you constantly dwell on the reasons you might fail or continuously infuse your mind with negative thoughts, you will doubt yourself and naturally self-preserve - not taking action. Cleansing your mind starts with maintaining a positive mindset, setting daily goals, and practicing gratitude.

What do we mean by gratitude and how do you start practicing it today?

Simply put, gratitude related to happiness is simply feeling grateful for everything you currently have as well as the future opportunities coming your way. Exuding this positive energy allows you to surround yourself with an optmistic outlook, which in turn feeds confidence and enthusiasm going forward. When you feel good about life in general, you’ll feel even better about your future. Gratitude also comes into play when faced with an unexpected or difficult situation. Though you will struggle with obstacles to your success, your positive mindset and gracious attitude will help you to view these struggles as lessons learned-- the building blocks to progress.

You can practice gratitude a number of ways. A notebook or journal dedicated to writing down the things you are grateful for is a good start. You can also spend a bit of time each day (when you wake or before you go to bed are usually the best times) mentally listing out what you are grateful for that day. Think about your ‘why’--the reason(s) why you want to achieve your personal goals. Your parents, your husband, your children, your desire to attain time or financial freedom, world travel-- all are possible motivators behind the happiness you want and for the gratitude you feel.
In summation: Identify your ‘why’, visualize yourself accomplishing your goals, practice joy and gratitude, remain positive, and happiness will inevitably follow.

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