Why Apele Panties are Being Touted as Your “Everyday Undies”

What a year it has been!  As we near the end of our incredibly successful and rewarding launch of Apele panties, we have received such genuine and jovial feedback that far exceeded what we anticipated.  While we certainly were able to cater to the many women who desired a solution for period flow (and overflow), we learned that many of you invested in sets if our undies that quickly became your “everyday undie”.


Thank to the incredibly transparent and engaging dialogue we shared in at expos, via email and even in-person, we learned that our Apele panties have become the answer to everyday mishaps that far extend beyond the typical leaks from a first-time period or a heavier-than-usual flow.  In fact, we learned the many reasons that women like you were even looking for options when it came to hemorrhaging – diagnoses that ranged from endometriosis to cervical cancer, pre-puberty anticipation to polycystic ovary syndrome and many more. 


What’s more, the dialogue surrounding an otherwise taboo-for-far-too-long topic like menstruation led to even deeper dialogue surrounding other pelvic health issues that prompt purchase of panties that have absorbency and protection. We’ve learned about incontinence that stems from many different experiences. From hormonal changes in pregnancy leading to stress incontinence to natural changes with age and pelvic floor muscle strength.  We’ve listened intently to your courageous stories of post-hysterectomies and other medical procedures that compromised women below the belt.  We’ve even had a large response to our Apele everyday undie becoming a go-to for not just marathoners, but ultra-marathoners who experience occasional urinary incontinence mid-race.


As if that wasn’t encouraging enough, we have also learned a great deal surrounding the everyday happenings that women face naturally, like excessive discharge and significant volume during ovulation, which have been boasted as a primary reason for wearing our Apele everyday undie… well, every day!


Your feedback has allowed us to continue to strengthen our knowledge in pelvic and women’s health and to continue to create even more inspired products that are tailored to your everyday mishaps and movements!


Your testimonials have been both heart-warming and humbling! We are truly so grateful for the many amazing stories that accompany your decisions to support the Apele brand – as we support you!  Be on the lookout for new products in 2019 that directly relate to your needs!


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