When to Eat Protein  

Protein is an essential component in a healthy lifestyle. In fact, it’s the main building block of muscles, bones, and skin and also plays an important part in repairing your tissues each day. Nowadays, protein comes in a variety of forms ranging from the everyday chicken breast to protein powder shakes and bars. So it can be confusing to hear that too much protein can be a bad thing while other suggestions tote the importance of including protein with every meal. So when is the right time to eat protein? 

The Progression of Your Day 

Protein has been identified as a key factor in increasing metabolism and also reducing cravings, which makes it perfect for those trying to watch their waist-line. Eating foods high in protein combined with colorful fruits and veggies can work wonders for those hunger pangs. The protein works to curb cravings and helps to prevent unnecessary snacking since you just feel full longer. Plus you definitely won’t get bored with the endless protein options available for you to try out! 

Before/ After A Workout 

Building muscle and maintaining it at the same time requires a good dose of protein. In addition, protein provides you with a boost of energy to begin that high-intensity workout in high spirits. Some of the more popular protein supplements people opt for in the fitness world include protein bars, protein bites, or simply a nice protein shake. Nuts, chicken breasts, and eggs work well too. Though many studies and fitness enthusiasts continue to debate whether consuming protein is best before or after a workout, in the end it’s up to personal preference. Find what works for you and helps you survive your toughest workout. 

Before You Go To Sleep 

Muscle and tissue repair happen rapidly when we rest for the day and our bodies go to work when we fall asleep. The protein you consume right before bed helps to adequately support this process while also preventing complete depletion of your protein stores. Plus you won’t wake up feeling starved in the morning as a result of lack of sufficient protein in your system. Older and elderly folks can benefit greatly from this tip to continually strengthen their muscles and bones by ensuring their bodies heal sufficiently while they sleep. 

Everyone’s lifestyle is different and a standard approach to eating protein doesn’t work for everyone. The type of protein you choose to consume doesn’t matter as much as the timeframe you choose to eat said protein. Start incorporating protein during these key parts of your day and decide the time frames that work well for you to best support your personal health and well-being. 


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