What We Love about Being Women and What We Wish We Didn’t Have to Put Up With



It was time for another poll.  We have an incredible array of women from all walks of life, backgrounds, work environments and experiences.  When it comes to the womanhood, there are many things that we agree upon and have dealt with or  desired and shared among our gender.

We took to the polls to ask the women we know, from full-time corporate to full-time stay-at-home nurturers what they love MOST about being a woman and what they like least about our gender roles and responsibilities (even if some are just assumed and certainly not the rule!)

Here’s the gouge we got…


Stephanie M. “Pro? Easily the vagina.  I get to make babies.  Con?  Also, the vagina, and its monthly reminder when I don’t make the babies, LOL”


Carmen B. “I’m grateful to have a husband that takes care of me and the one thing I wish I didn’t have to deal with was the negative self image and pressure I put on myself in my own head. I know that I am my own worst critic yet that doesn’t help. I think most women are that way...”


True statement, sister. True statement.


Krissy S. “I’m grateful to be a stay at home mom but I could do without always having to hear “so you don’t do anything?” Or “must be nice to sit at home all day” ...cause...So much no!! LOL”



Girl, we hear you! It may LOOK like it takes all day to do nothing, but I assure you women work all day doing everything and it just “appears” as though nothing was accomplished some days.


Martina L. “Grateful for the magic my body can do with bringing and nourishing life. Wish we didn’t have to work to meet society’s vision of “beautiful” and to feel shame for our bodies when others attack about it.”


Krystal F. “I love wearing high heels! And hate them all at the same time!”


Agree! Sometimes 6 inches up makes us just want to be 6 feet under!


Katie T. “Facials. Con? Having to sugar coat things for other women* so their feelings aren’t hurt (if you did your job in the first place we would be having this conversation). Regarding female employees*


Stina M. “I am very thankful I get to work from home when I want, and that I got to be very present in our daughters last years of school. And even more thankful that I have an amazing husband who feels the same way about me being home. Because no one else’s opinion really matters about it, although they like to think it does. One thing I'm not thankful for being a woman......shaving!! It's the pits!! And then some... Literally!”


Kirsten M. “Grateful for the ability to be maternal and gentle but cannot stand having to deal with patriarchy such as walking into a car dealership and being asked if my husband is paying for my new car- NO! Or the bank manager who shook my husband’s hand first then asked if I had a job, assuming my lovely husband was the breadwinner. I was the one wearing a business suit that day. Lol. Interesting right?”


Amanda H. “Grateful: my emotion is socially acceptable, we are unfair to men and emotion.  Wish was not a thing: That women treat each other so poorly as the default. Why are women always in competition?”


So, that’s just the tip of the iceberg and the first few comments that rolled in!  What about you, ladies?  What is something you very much appreciate as a woman and perhaps another thing specific to being a woman that you wish was different or a non-issue altogether?




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