What to Look for When Purchasing Panties


Hey ladies!  Today, we are dishing on all the details behind what makes a good pair of panties… well, a good pair of panties! It boils down to a few different areas that matter and we have shared them below!  Let this be your guide when shopping for undergarments and of course, if we are so blessed with your purchase, know that we here at Apele have considered each of these when intentionally designing our collections for women just like you!

Function.  Obviously, panties serve a few functions.  They protect you from outer elements, while also acting as a barrier between your own released elements and your next layer of clothing. They also may be worn for comfort since the rubbing of your outer attire has seams and fabric that otherwise would irritate your more sensitive skin as you walk or sit for long periods of time. Whatever the reason you wear them, you certainly want their function to be fulfilled. For this reason, our panties provide protection and privacy, comfort and confidence.

Fabric matters. Lots of women swear by cotton as it is comfortable and easily available being so common a fabric used in undergarments. However, over time cotton is known to stretch and droop, losing its perhaps original appeal on your bum.   With Apele panties, we use a performance fabric that is sure to keep its seamless and supple look and feel, which is especially important when you re investing in undies that provide support and smoothing.

Cost counts.  Let’s be honest. Cost is a huge incentive when purchasing undies.  While you definitely pay for what you get, some panties are ridiculously priced and others are cheap in quality and cost.   After much feedback, we have truly committed to offering the highest quality panties produced at a cost that is sure to be good to your purse and your privates! Our main goal is to help bring a solution to sanitary situations so it only makes sense that our product be affordable and also sustain the business for long-term presence, helping not just your our generation, but also those to come after us!

Fit. So, with function, fabric and funds covered, the next best thing is to talk fit! Fit is key.  Many  women go up one size from their pant size when buying underwear. A good rule of thumb if to not focus so much on numbers and size as much as fit.  While Apele is true-to-size, you may have purchased other underwear that isn’t and base your size off their dimensions. Focus on how well your undies fit.  Your underwear should not be causing any indentation on your legs, hips or rear.  If they are, size up, or try a different style. For example, swap out an original cut with a high cut.   Or trade in the high cut for bikini and so on!

Got questions? Message us and we can help you! For now, here are some ideas on possible body types and a fit that is most right for you!


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