What to Look for in a Good OBGYN Provider


            For many women, the thought of making an appointment with a doctor to drop-trou or lift your skirt for a routine exam, even scheduling a prenatal plan with an OBGYN doctor, makes us cringe. The process for finding an OBGYN provider can seem overwhelming and intimidating, but we do it because it is crucial to the health of our bodies and crucial to the health of the unborn when you are expecting. These tips and tricks can help you locate and find the perfect OB.

            The first priority is just that, to find what your priority is. What exactly are you looking for in a provider?  For most women, finances play a huge role in finding their OBGYN. Insurance companies can provide you a list of providers that they are contracted with in your area. This will usually help to narrow down the broad array of options to a few local offices. For some, money isn’t a priority and they want a specific type of practice such as a midwife for delivering or prefer a specific gender with their choice. We all have specifics that we are searching for, even if we are not yet aware of them.


            Once you have identified the qualities you are looking for in an OBGYN, start the search. Looking up reviews is a great place to start. Find what others have experienced in their situations and from their perspectives. For most providers, you will find both good and bad reviews, but reading the descriptions and the ‘whys’ behind them can help you gain insight into how that provider runs their practice and the impressions they will give off.


            Another option is to talk to fellow co-workers, family members, and friends and see what recommendations they might have. To some that may seem intimidating, so we have found that a local pharmacist is a great source to reach out to when it comes to looking for a provider who has great communication, knowledge, and expertise with their practice. Other woman may also have insight as to what their personal doctor’s character is like. Ex: Does he/she create a comfortable environment to ask questions or address concerns in? Some may not be able to direct you to what they consider a good provider, but maybe they have a definitive answer on who not to see and why which can be just as helpful.


            Examining a prospective OBGYN and their beliefs around things such as contraceptives, naturopathic therapies, or more sensitive matters like abortion and disease may also be a vital priority for you. Checking the doctors website and forum will often give insight into these questions, but don’t be afraid to call the office and ask. There are many different beliefs and moral compasses for sensitive issues like these so do your best to take a professional approach when discussing these things with a provider. It is much more efficient to state what you are looking for in a provider when asking the office staff for information.


            The effort placed in doing your research will pay extraordinary benefits when it comes to searching for an OBGYN. Personalities and communication play a significant role, so if you set an appointment to meet a physician and don't end up feeling right about your decision, there is no harm in continuing the search. Be consistent and direct to find what you need in a provider for the sake of your health.


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