What to Do If You Get Your Period and Don’t Have Products Available


Chances are very likely that you’re already answering this question in your head and reminiscing to the (possibly many) times you’ve had to wad up toilet paper as a makeshift pad.


It happens. And often.  Hormones take off and cycles start sooner than anticipated, leaving you high and dry… errrr or wet. As you furiously duck for cover, excuse yourself to the nearest room for privacy and gather your thoughts, you may want to also keep these helpful hints in mind:


BREATHE. It is not the end of the world. Period. This happens often and chances are you’re the only one who likely noticed during that first gush of a feeling. If your eyeballs didn’t bulge and give you away, you very likely can leave the restroom unscathed and unbeknownst to everyone else in the room.


INQUIRE WITHIN.  While in the office, restaurant or restroom, don’t be afraid to ask the fellow women present if they happen to have an extra liner or tampon they could spare.  Another woman won’t be offended.  On the contrary, actually. Women report feeling terrible when they don’t have an option to provide for a fellow female!


MAKESHIFT MAGIC.  So, you’ve asked around and no avail. Or you’re solo with no sign of another being coming to your rescue. What do you do?  Find some cloth, toilet paper or paper towels and create a barrier between your skin and attire. Naturally, you’ll want to use something clean. This should give you enough time to locate a sanitary item or the opportunity to visit home to change.


WRAP-AROUND.  Now that you’ve likely wrapped some fabric around the crotch area of your undies, you may be dealing with some stains that made their way through your panties and onto the visible side of your clothing.  Have no fear!  An extra jacket, sweater or similar can be wrapped around your waist to cover any backside blunders.

RINSE & REPEAT.  Send yourself (and your panties) through a wash cycle once you can.  Shower well and get your panties and clothes into the wash or cleansing solution ASAP. Fill a clean sink with cold water. The colder the water, the better. Put your stained underwear in the water. Push it into the water, then concentrate on scrubbing out the stain. Rinse and repeat the scrub. Then rinse off. Dry the underpants. Either hang to air dry or use the dryer.


FUTURE PREP.  You made it! With confidence and quiet. With brainstorming and behind-covering. You’ve showered and sanitized.  All that’s left now is to unwind, relax and think about how to best prepare for an incident like that in the future.

Consider placing feminine products in the most obvious places you spend most of your time. Gym bag, office drawer, purse pockets or similar.


Choose a pair of performance panties that help absorb up to tampon worth of untimely mishaps!  These can be rinsed quickly and dried, while also acting as a protective barrier that absorbs that first gush that otherwise would leak and stain your clothes!


Track your period just to be on the safe side of irregular happenings. While it could just be a fluke, it is important to stay on top of your cycle as your period is your body’s way of expressing what is going on within. A barometer of sorts, if you will.


Got any crazy, creative stories and quick-witted solutions yourself? We’d love to hear them! Comment below!



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