What sexual positions are most gratifying for both parties typically?

Intense and passionate sex not only releases feel-good endorphins that make us satisfied but also brings couples closer together in intimacy. But let’s face it-- once you and your partner fall into a mundane schedule jam-packed with work, family, and finances, sex can become boring. Sticking to the same old tired routine of missionary gets old quickly and can leave you and your partner wanting for more. If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom again, try out some of these sexual positions for some serious gratification. 

Woman on Top 

A change in position can be a new and welcome experience for couples, especially if your man usually takes on the more dominant position during sex. There exist many variations of the ‘woman on top’ position: you can straddle and face your partner while in a kneeling position while he lays flat on his back, face away from your partner, or vary the two directions and lower yourself up and down while in a squat pose. Whatever you decide, you’re in charge of the pacing and depth of penetration while in this position. 

Doggy Style 

Get up close and personal with your partner with the deeper penetration offered with the doggy style position. The classic doggy style position entails you on all fours while your partner takes you from behind while in a kneeling position. But you can get pretty creative with this position, depending on what you and your partner are in the mood for. Bend over and support yourself in a standing position by holding onto something while your partner takes charge. If you’d like, you can also move your hips back and forth to intensify the sensation and lose yourself in the increased clitoral stimulation. 

The Chair 

You can slowly ease into this position after giving your man a sexy lap dance. With your man sitting on a chair or on the edge of your bed, face him and sit directly on top of him. You and your partner can both take turns controlling the pacing and the depth of penetration is intense in this position. Intersperse your thrusts with passionate kisses, hair grabbing, and intimate touching to up the chemistry. 

The Sideways Spoon 

You can still be adventurous even when you’ve had a long day and are too winded for bedroom gymnastics. This position allows you to enjoy the thrill of penetration from a sexy new angle all 

while laying in bed. Simply turn on your side facing away from your partner while they get in an identical pose and have them grip your hips while they enter you from behind. You can vary from slow and deep strokes to fast-paced and rough thrusts with the inclusion of manual clitoral stimulation to heat things up even more. 


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