What Service or Product Would you Choose for Everyday Day Overall Health


As women, we are capable of wearing 20 different hats. We are the bosses, the nurturers, the housekeepers, the budgeters and more! When it comes to having a free moment, we can always find something else that could potentially be accomplished in place of resting!  Just because we are capable of multi-managing everything from home to family, doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream!


We took to our followers to ask what they would like, if they could have one of the following for each day:


Pick one option you could have at your beckon call (any and every day, the rest of your life)



Personal Chef

Personal Trainer

Massage Therapist

A Different choice (share what please)


The results came in faster than one could dial out for help to hire.


Top Choice was a personal Chef.  With some sentiments elaborated like:

“I truly hate cooking with all my soul. But do it because #Momlife #Survival and etc. but if I could get an all in one with home repairs included Yaaas!!”

“Personal chef. But he has to be single so that eventually we will fall madly in love with each other. Lol.”

We totally get it.  Cooking, whether you’re good at it or not, is one of those things that sometimes just tastes better when made by someone else or is more enjoyable when experienced without all the prep and clean work.


Second up was a massage therapist.  Probably because after cleaning, cooking, working and working out, everybody and every body could use a nice recalibration.  What’s great about massage is that it helps the body revisit homeostasis – or the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Josie G shared “Massage therapist since I can’t massage my own back.”


We hear you, Josie.  Besides, even if we could massage our own back, wouldn’t that still take exertion and work? We like our massages, like we like our food: Professionally served while splayed out on a table!


Maybe it’s all the makeup tutorials out now, or maybe it’s the just the fun of facials, but having a beautician was low on the list.  Perhaps since many days we are so busy cooking and cleaning, having a stylist isn’t exactly a priority.


We had a few of the other options trickle in with some creative options offered as well…


Including, a personal driver, a housekeeper, a genie that could do it all, a house repair professional and of course, even a request for Chris Evans!


We can’t argue those options, either!  What about you?  What would you like to have if you could, at your beckon call?



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