What is the importance of dopamine?

Happiness is a complex emotion as its essence is euphoric but its impression is often short-lived. When the giddy emotional high we experience wears off, we seek ways to trigger those emotions again as naturally we feel more confident and positive when we’re happy. That’s because our brain releases chemicals like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine which emit these good feelings. Finding the happiness you and your brain crave isn’t totally reliant on sporadic moments. There are things you can do today to train your brain in the art of sustaining happiness. 






Bond with Others

As Maslow’s hierarchy of needs dictates, intimacy in the form of human interaction occupies the second-most place of importance after basic human survival. Humans are naturally social beings and we thrive most in group environments rife with human interaction. Bonding, getting close to others, and developing trust can remedy loneliness and the yearning to belong. So it makes sense that spending quality time with friends and family members whom you share a close intimate bond with can definitely cheer you up and transmit the release of those happy chemicals in your brain. 


 Do Something You Love 

If you have a hobby or passion you thoroughly enjoy, chances are engaging in that activity makes you incredibly happy. This can be anything from going for a run, reading a book, or something as simple as taking a bubble bath. To satisfy your brain’s itch for a happiness boost set aside a bit of time to engage in your chosen hobby or activity, whether it’s every day or once per week. Doing this on a particular day when you’re feeling down works wonders in influencing your mood as well and you’ll definitely notice the emotional switch once you get going. 




Think Happy and Positive Thoughts.

Sometimes all it takes to rewire your entire mood is a slew of mental positivity and optimism. After all, the mind is a powerful thing and it’s actually possible to use this line of thinking to get your brain to produce happiness.

A strong personal mindset propels us towards achievement while ignoring mental roadblocks such as negativity and the same goes for maintaining happiness. Altering the way you regard yourself and external factors in your life makes all the difference in positive thinking.

Rather than dwelling on the unfortunate circumstances in your life, inject a positive and encouraging statement in your mind to completely transform a negative thought into a hopeful and positive sentiment. Positivity goes a long way in instilling happiness within your brain. 



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