What happens if your period starts on the day of your marathon

You’ve been waiting for this day anxiously. You’ve followed a strict training regimen, mentally prepared yourself to a tee, and your confidence is through the roof. The morning is here, you’re feeling good and then... are you kidding me?! Out of all days, TODAY is the day your period decides to show up! 

You don’t have to let this affect your big day. There are several things you can do to make this an issue no longer and Apele panties are there to support you from the sidelines too. 

Drink Water 

While the recommended 2 liter guideline still pertains to everyday life, it’s actually super important to stick to this rule and then some when you’re on your period. The loss of blood impacts the amount of water volume in your body. In addition, water loss occurs through urination, perspiration, and respiration—the latter two occurring much more rapidly when running a marathon. Being on your period further exacerbates this water loss and accelerates the rate of dehydration which can be especially dangerous on your period. Thus, hydrating yourself before your marathon is key alongside bringing enough water to get through the run. 

Take Pain Medicine or other Natural Remedies 

There’s no shame in being unable to deal with the excruciating pain. Ibuprofen is often a reliable over-the-counter remedy many swear by. But if you’d prefer home remedies, many natural oils aid in reducing various types of abdominal and head pain. Hot compresses also have been shown to greatly reduce cramping and overall pain. Utilizing one of these options can be a great way to help discomfort before your run. 

Eat A Nutritious Meal 

Nutrition is just as important as hydration. Being on your period naturally reduces energy levels and you don’t want low energy to affect your performance. Sticking to the food pyramid is a good rule of thumb to follow when deciding on your pre-marathon meal. A healthy serving of fruits, grains, and proteins ensures you’re covered in all aspects and super prepped to break some records. 

Whichever options you choose, you don’t have to worry about unexpected leakage during your marathon. Apele panties are designed to provide double duty protection alongside a pad or Tampon. The built in pantyliner is designed to be ultra absorbent to capture and evaporate up to a regular tampon’s worth of liquid while also maintaining comfort with its lightweight design. You won’t feel the heavy support at work while running your marathon but rest assured you’ll feel safe and secure. Your period no longer stands as an obstacle to kicking butt at your marathon. 


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