What Does Sexy Underwear Mean to Women Today?

Underwear- we all buy it and we all wear it (hopefully!). Plain, colorful, eccentric- there’s a style out there for everyone and most people don’t think too much about it. How many times have you forgotten what kind of underwear you threw on today?

But for many, the type of underwear we choose to wear speaks volumes about the values we hold dear. Women are starting to not only care about the look and design of their panty/bra set, they also place immense value on how it makes them FEEL. Over recent years, sexy underwear has evolved to complement a woman’s sense of confidence and comfort.


Confidence is KEY whenever a woman seeks to try a new hairstyle, a new outfit, and even what she chooses to wear underneath these additions. It’s become less of what would “look good” to other people and more of the self-love and confidence a woman gains from wearing a certain item of clothing.

We are undoubtedly our own worst critics and this rings especially true when it comes to sexy underwear. Advertisements have paraded around beautiful women with an “ideal” body type for decades. But with the emergence of the self-love and body-positive movement, these tired and worn marketing tactics aren’t catching wind like they used to.

Women are beginning to demand that underwear companies showcase “real women”- complete with curves, stretch marks, and cellulite. It’s no longer enough to market a sexy underwear set as appealing and eye-catching while only targeting a small subset of women.

All women want to feel beautiful in their bra and panty set, bottom line. They don’t want to feel like they can’t own that set confidently just because they don’t look like the model on the television screen or magazine ad.

Your sexy underwear set should embrace all of the amazing things about your body that make you a strong, sexy, and confident woman- providing the needed support so you can get through the work day and still feel like a bad-ass in your lingerie. It should support your active lifestyle with a lightweight and durable material so you can wrestle with the kids during the day and still spend quality time with the man of your dreams at bedtime, and accentuating every spot, mark, and wrinkle that has shaped who you are over the years.


One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to underwear! With all of the sizes available to choose from, it’s surprising that comfort has eluded many brands’ visions. The price tag of many sexy underwear sets often fails to equate to the longevity and comfort truly provided. Besides, who wants to spend $70 on a set you can only stand to wear for twenty minutes at most when in reality sexy underwear is so much more than just lingerie (like the reason mentioned above)?


With demanding careers, growing empires and crawling babies, women rely on the durability of their underwear to get them through the day. Attractive designs aren’t as important as quality material made to endure movement, sweat, and life’s unpredictable mishaps.


Proper support matters, as does the prevention of uncomfortable wedgies and camel toes. The type of dye used and washing machine compatibility both matter immensely too, as bras and panties built for the long run justify a higher price tag to many women. None of this differs any less when it comes to sexy underwear.

As many women turn to sexy underwear as their everyday preference, comfort, design, and longevity are all key factors when it comes to making that purchase. What you wear represents who you are. Sexy underwear no longer translates to pure intimacy; it has become both a fashionable and deeply personal choice a woman makes.

Sexy underwear has become a way for women of today to express themselves boldly and unashamed—while killing it at this game of life with comfort and style. Check out all our styles that represent you fully! 

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