What Can Make High School Easier Mentally, Emotionally, Socially?



High school is what you make of it-- you can either choose to take advantage of different opportunities and make lasting memories or simply let the entire experience pass by in the blink of an eye. Yet, transitioning from a child to a young adult at the same time just complicates the entire experience even further. Surviving high school shouldn’t be brutal, but what’s a girl to do? 

Don’t Be Afraid of Meeting New People 

Whether it’s high school, a big performance, a party -- things are often so much easier with a friend by your side. We are our own biggest critics when it comes to decision-making and coping with those decisions that turn out to be disastrous! Having positive support can help you regain your confidence and composure when you can’t seem to pull yourself out of a funk. 

The truth is, not everyone you meet at school will be an ideal friend. There will always be immaturity, stupidity, and recklessness within every crowd. But don’t let that turn you off from sparking up a conversation with someone new or being friendly to a stranger. Good friends usually arrive when we least expect them to and in many cases in the form of a person you never imagined calling your best friend. So be open to meeting new people from other groups and walks of life. After all, everyone needs a friend at some point, especially when high school gets tough, and you never know if they may be looking for one too. 

Stay Aware but Aloof 

Drama-- it’s like the epitome of high school right?! Anywhere you turn there seems to be a new rumor or secret going around the hallways. Though this very may well be a factual and unavoidable part of your high school life, proceed with caution! As the old adage commands, refrain from being a mean person and just treat others with the same kindness you would want in return. But being a nice person doesn’t subject you to becoming a doormat either. Don’t hesitate to speak up for yourself or others when you observe injustice or inappropriate behavior. If this same behavior happens to pop up among those you consider friends, call them out on it and remove yourself from the negativity if the situation persists. 

On the same topic, be a wallflower when it comes to drama. It’s best to stay uninvolved and neutral -- directly interjecting yourself into a messy situation never ends well. Plus why subject yourself to unnecessary stress when you have enough going on with activities, homework, and college apps? 

Keep Mom & Dad Involved 

At this point in your life, your parents may seem unfair and completely unaware of how it feels to be a teen. But don’t get it confused, they’ve definitely been there-- and they are chock full of great advice and lessons when you need them most. Try your best to understand the place of 

love and care that your parents come from. Open up to them-- have more personal conversations, tell them about your feelings and goals, let them know what’s going on at school. There is nothing more that your parents want than to continue building a solid, trusting, and respectful relationship with you and open communication works well to facilitate that. Besides, your mom & dad might just end up becoming your best friends later down the line ;) 

Adolescence is as difficult as it is confusing, but here’s to making it a little easier! 


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