What are the different stages of a woman’s career?


Choosing your career is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your life. You need to consider the level of satisfaction and happiness your chosen career path will give you, while also keeping in mind opportunities for advancement and work-life balance. Once you start your career path, you’ll find yourself wondering how to advance to the next stage. But what stage are you in now? 

There are various women’s studies breaking down the different stages of a woman’s career and the path to success in a professional workplace. We’ve come up with a simplified version of a typical woman’s career path. 

Stage 1: Discovery & Adjustment 

This stage is occupied by women just entering a new field (with the majority having barely graduated from college) and women switching from one field to another. The women in this stage have just begun their transition into their chosen careers and hold entry-level roles. They are learning the ins and outs of the organization they’re part of and how their work impacts the company. Leaders and more experienced colleagues are viewed as knowledgeable resources and means of support. Women should focus on building meaningful connections and exceeding expected performance metrics. 

Stage 2: Aspiration & Advancement 

At the junior level, women in this stage are well-versed within their roles and looking to expand beyond them to become an integral part of the organization as a whole. They possess the confidence to impact the workplace and get involved in decision-making to reach company-wide goals. These women seek expansion in their roles and actively lead groups and projects. 

Stage 3: Execution & Fulfillment 

Leaders and supervisors abound within this career stage. These mid-level women oversee team members and take charge of major projects. They possess a clear objective for the direction of the organization and make critical decisions to support overall business success. These women are primed for high executive level roles and know how to work effectively and collaboratively with team members from all departments and disciplines. 

Stage 4: Motivation & Leadership 

Driving positive change through the successful coaching and support of team members: this is the main focus of women within the fourth stage of their careers. These women are key problem-solvers- they use their experience and vision to create sustainable change. They know how to motivate those who work with them and inspire creativity and action. 

Not every woman’s career follows a straightforward path and many find themselves in a new stage every few years. But defining these key stages helps women to successfully navigate and focus on career objectives. What stage are you currently in?

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