What activities to do when you have your period


Your period can be a stressful time of the month and sometimes you just cannot deal. You want to feel loved, relaxed, and comfortable all at the same time but things never sync up. Don’t worry girl, we’ve got you. Here are some stress-free, low key, and relaxing things to do when you’re on your period and dying for some relief. 

Drink Some Tea-- or Wine, whichever you’re feeling 

Throw on your favorite fuzzy socks, snuggle under your blanket, start a movie, and grab some tea. Placing yourself in a relaxing environment, whether that’s your living room couch, bathtub, or your bed, helps you naturally relax those nerves and slowly unwind. Pair that relaxed state with a nice piping cup of your favorite tea or perfectly chilled glass of wine and just let yourself enjoy the time spent resting. Plus, the coolness of the wine or warmth from the tea can both help to alleviate cramps too, so hey it’s a win-win. 

Do Some Light Exercise 

Exercise can be a great energy outlet and you don’t have to completely halt your normal regimen once your period starts. Depleted energy levels can pose a problem (or not, it really depends on you) and that’s why lighter exercises are typically recommended during menstruation. Light exercise can be a simple walk, jog, swim, or a modified version of your normal routine. 

Express Your Feelings 

Things can get quite tense when you’re on your period and emotional communication usually proves a hassle. A trusted journal or medium to write down your thoughts is a great way to help you sort out whatever is running through your mind. Want to say something to another person but rather not let your period demon come out, journal it! Feeling anxious, trying to figure something out-- journal it all! Many times figuring out our thoughts becomes ten times easier if we first write them down. 

Dive into Your Skincare Routine 

Period + crazy hormones + junk food you should avoid= acne?! In case you didn’t know it, your skin goes absolutely berserk during your period. A thorough skincare routine (that you must maintain when you’re not actively on your period) helps to combat and control any breakouts. All you need is a solid facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and an exfoliating product every couple of days and you’re on the road to clearer skin throughout your cycle! 

Don’t dread your next period. Try some of these things out to help you breathe easier and stay sane for the next week or so and remember-- you will get through this month!

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