Ways to Manage Incontinence with Confidence


For many women living with the rather common occurrence of incontinence, we at Apele have created solutions to help you manage life without leaks while also finding some other ways to possibly help relieve some of the symptoms altogether.  Here we share some of the best advice we’ve read, as well as, heard from other women (just like you) who manage a lifestyle of confidence, despite incontinence.


Kick butts (cigarette butts, that is.) While this one may take dedication and time, it is totally worth it.  Believe it or not, smoking can have an impact on your pelvic system when you cough, putting strain on that area of your body regularly.


Pelvic floor exercises (kegels) work wonders also at helping strengthen the pelvic muscles which keep leaking at bay or at least until you get to a designated restroom.  You’ll want to ensure you are doing them correctly and consistently so check out available options online for video tutorials, as well as, speaking with your primary care who may have handouts that explain sets, reps and postures for such.


Keep lifting light. Heavy-lifting puts strain on your pelvic floor muscles and results often in occasional pressure on the pelvic floor, hence incontinence.  This is especially true for those that are already feeling strain in the pelvic area, like post-pelvic surgery patients, pregnant women and more. When you do need to lift something, like picking up children or shopping bags, tighten your pelvic floor muscles before and during the lift to train them to stay strong mid-movement.



Maintain a healthy weight.  Carrying extra weight,  particularly around the mid-section can affect your overall pelvic floor muscles, causing incontinence, because of the pressure of fatty tissue on the bladder.  That said, this is a common occurrence for pregnant women (so it isn’t ideal to focus on losing weight during an integral time to put it on), however, you may find this happens in part because of the added pressure. When post-partum or in everyday lifestyle, do try to manage a healthy weight as this will decrease the risk of extra poundage on the bladder.


Cut back on the coffee. We know that your IG feed is probably riddles with cute memes about coffee and all its glory  It’s become a bit of a cult-like following even.  However, caffeine has been known to irritate the bladder and can make incontinence worse – even diarrhea as it loosens the bowels. Granted, Apele everyday undies can save you from those embarrassing and untimely mishaps. Just make sure you are doing your part to cut back on anything putting excess strain or emergency situations down below.  The same can go for sodas, caffeinated teas, even some green teas, energy drinks and hot chocolate that contain caffeine, so consider swapping these with water and herbal options!


Stay hydrated.  We realize this sounds counter-intuitive.  Why drink more if we have a problem with urinating often? However, drinking those recommended eight glasses of water a day can assist with optimal functioning of your body and its organs.  Not to mention, too little fluid can also cause or worsen constipation, which puts strain on your pelvic floor muscles when it is time to visit the restroom.


No matter your causes for incontinence, our mission at Apele is to help with these everyday mishaps, allowing you to feel confident and dry no matter what life hands you! Browse our different styles and absorbencies and find what works for you with our Fit Guarantee!

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