Ways to Increase Confidence During Your Cycle

The indications that accompany a menstrual cycle sometimes make you feel… not your normal confident and energetic self. But by making preparations for your menstrual cycle and knowing how to tackle your symptoms and rise your endorphins, you can reinstate your intellect of confidence during your periods, as well as, any other day of the month! If you really want to reduce your stress and enhance your confidence level during your menstrual cycle, then considering the following practices will surely support you in doing so.

To be confident during your period, its suggested to be know when it is expected and to honor what you need most during that time frame. Create a calendar that tables your pre-period signs, when your period begins, its duration, your heftiest days, and a typical end-time of your period. This way, you can account for what you prefer to schedule and not - during these timeframes.

Once you screen when your period is approximately due, and which days are the heaviest, you can prepare by arranging adequate protection. Having the attire you need for maximum comfort and protection assist greatly in maintaining a confident feel and look during your cycle. For example, if your beginning days are not too heavy, perhaps carry some hygiene items or dainty pads that assist you in spotting the first signs of your menstruation.If your cycle is heavy in the beginning, consider items that have absorption that is ideal for such. If you select tampons, there are tampons accessible in different sizes to accommodate your period needs. Though, you may find that period panties are ideal, in that they allow you to dress as you normally would. While covering any hemorrhaging that may take place mid-event.

Looking vibrant and feeling this way as well depends solely on your personal confidence level and preferences. If you are confident in whatever you are wearing, you will definitely exude a radiance that others will see and feel as “looking good”. Many women find that when they feel comfortable, they also feel confident because of the ease in which they can move and enjoy life in attire that supports physical changes during their periods. It is suggested to wear clothes that fit loosely or comfortably for this reason, but that doesn’t always have to mean sweats. In fact, if you focus on wearing clothes that are more modest, they will naturally act as a frame for your face, drawing more attention to your naturally beautiful facial features and hair styles. Consider spending little time on your outfit by having some go-to’s during the time of the month, and instead, spend more time pampering your skin, hair and nails during this phase of true femininity.

Some kinds of vitamins and herbal supplements may decrease discomfort during your menstrual cycle. Some of the supplements that can help to decrease ache from menstrual contractions include: Fenugreek, Ginger, Valerian, Zinc sulphate, Fish oil, Vitamin B1 and more. Of course, asking your physician may be best to determine which they find is most beneficial to you and in what form – capsule, liquid, etc.

It is vital to remain hydrated during your monthly cycles. Staying hydrated will assist with easing inflammation a huge issue that often affects a woman’s confidence. The recommended amount of water is typically; your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 140 lbs, 70 oz of water would be a suggested minimum of intake. This does not include other drinks that may have water in them, such as tea and iced coffee. Ensure you are drinking water without any additives when using this calculation. It’s suggested to carry a water bottle with you during your periods. For fun, add pictures, quotes or similar that inspire you to drink water. Also, you can add timelines to reach your intended level of water consumed by certain hours in the day. Room temperature water is recommended as it is easier for the body to process and use.

Your period and its signs can take a ring on your physique and mind. By getting proper sleep, you can decrease the strain that a period can place on your mind. You will also feel relaxed and re-energized in the morning, and will have sufficient liveliness to get you through the day. It is best to obtain at least 7 hours of sleep/night during the evenings of your cycle. This gives your body the rest it needs to help you in the process of menstruating – which takes a lot of energy.

Effects of menstrual cramps may not always be reduced – but the attention can certainly be taken away from pain, when you focus more on pleasure and things that bring you joy. Consider trying a new makeup or changing your hair style for a temporary new look. Consider light that assists in feeling refreshed and clean. Consider a brief departure from the normal way your hair rests or parts, and try a new look you’ve been wanting to parade around in. Trying something new can help us feel more alive and vibrant, which encourages new parts of us to emerge. Perhaps even a persona that is confident and wild takes over for a brief moment and supports you during a week that you are embracing just how wild and womanly your body is. Also, if you prefer a more subtle look that is less irritating, consider a soft bun that doesn’t tug at your scalp, but also collects all hairs so as not to add to annoyances.

When your menstrual cycle begins, it is another opportunity to celebrate your cycle and shed more than just your uterine lining. Release your inhibitions – to the degree you feel comfortable – and allow yourself the opportunity to live as boldly as the statement your cycle makes monthly. Period.

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