Virtual workouts and why are they trending? 

We live in the technology age where the online world dominates many aspects of our lives, so it’s no surprise that something as simple as working out has turned to the virtual sphere. Virtual fitness combines various workout routines with the ease and convenience of technology. Fitness apps, online sites, and even gyms themselves have begun to branch out into this new area of fitness while millions of cell-phone and Internet users flock to try it out. What makes virtual fitness so appealing and is it worth exploring? 

Now, at-home workouts are nothing new in this day and age; the era of Jazzercise video cassettes and leg warmers comes to mind. Yet the addition of tablets, smartphones, smart watches, and the Internet itself have completely transformed yesterday’s at-home workout. With accessibility possible anywhere, workouts can even be moved outside of the home to pretty much anywhere you can think: beaches, parks, track fields, and more.

This adds the ability to enjoy nature and fresh outdoor air while also getting a high quality and personable workout without actually being in front of a personal trainer. No longer does a typical workout session require remaining confined to your home or traveling to a gym. 

This convenient option appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. Younger people utilize electronic devices with Internet connection at a higher rate than older generations and have embraced different smartphone fitness apps. Many of these applications and websites offer easy-to-follow targeted workouts in written, visual, and video formats. Those in the older age groups haven’t shied away either, as busy parents and professionals with crazy work schedules enjoy the benefit of fitting physical activity around their lifestyles. 

In fact, many gyms have implemented virtual fitness within their own facilities, using large projectors and television screens to project live and pre-recorded workout sessions for customers to follow along. For those that shy away from group workout sessions, this can be an excellent option. The videos are usually played each half hour to an hour to allow people to join in whenever convenient in their schedule and the entire experience can be amplified with speakers and guiding audio. 

Social media is yet another online arena that’s helped transcend the fitness experience. Fitness and health + wellness influencers employ recorded videos, live video feeds, and photos with detailed instructions for each workout. Paired with the influence of major video sharing platforms like YouTube, the content produced by influencers and followed by social media users gets people moving wherever they are just by clicking “play” on a smartphone. 

Fitness has become widely available for anyone interested in getting active and maintaining good health. Whether you prefer to continue working out at your local gym or want to try a virtual workout, it’s awesome to have a variety of options to choose from based on your preferences. 

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