Top Period Memes - and why we love them


These memes speak for themselves. They speak for us. But, just for the sake of fun, we figured we’d join the ranks and share some of the funniest and crude memes to make their way from the inner thigh to the internet.

This gem right here is gold. So many women can relate. Oftentimes, our blood isn’t the only stream flowing. Rather, our hormonal adjustments make for some heavy crying at times also. And with the face that says it all. “What’s wrong?” you may ask… “Nothing in particular, and everything in general.”

Oh, the infamous Kermit meme. Where we face our inner demons and battle the raging war inside of us known as ego and emotion. As women on their cycles can relate, what normally may not be as difficult to handle otherwise, is overwhelmingly more arduous and less tolerable when riding the crimson wave – also appropriately coined “satan’s sacrificial waterfall” in noteworthy texts gone viral.

Oh, the truth behind this animated yet always untimely visitor! Just when you think you are good-to-go, another day of spotting or last-minute leaks arrive – or exit rather! Good thing there are period panties (hint, hint) that are ideal for the days leading up to and from your cycle to catch these adorable little sneaks and leaks!

I mean, it’s TRUE. Even if the above memes paint the picture that it is unbearable, doesn’t mean that it is impossible. In fact, many women find that the cramps actually motivate movement. It isn’t a matter of whether or not we are capable of doing such activity(ies), rather it’s just a simple assessment of whether or not we choose to. Don’t get them twisted ;)

Have you come across some funny and “bloody” hilarious memes that depict this time-of-the-month? Sharing is caring… and laughing just makes the world a better place!

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