Top Apps for Women and Fitness

Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly are the keys to a healthy life. But sometimes, daily stressors force people to take time away from physical activity, and they stop going to the gym or do not go running as they had planned. Whatever the case, on our list of the best applications for exercise, you will find the perfect solution. Studio

Not all women like to perspire greatly or exercise wit high intensity. This application is designed for yogis, those who enjoy a moment of peace through breathing releasing tensions throughuot their body. This app shares over 300 postures to improve your flexibility, your health, your level of stress and physical condition. It has HD videos and 3D images, so you have every detail of each posture. Create your own routine whether you are a beginner or advanced in yoga.



It is an application to help you control caloric consumption in an effective and safe way. The basic idea is that the important thing is not the diet itself, but having a system that helps you live a healthy life. The basic characteristics of this app are:

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Optimal calorie counter to lose weight
  • Custom profile
  • Daily caloric goals
  • Record your weight and progress made


The app is ideal to understand the type of food and proper recipes to lose weight quickly, also allows you to understand what kind of foods that help you achieve your goals.


The Pilates guru

For those who would like to start doing pilates in the comfort of your homes or even outdoors, this application is a good start in this practice. Record your progress also, as this app allows you to create, adapt and save your training sessions while guiding you with different exercises that suit your level.


Nike + Running

With around 20 million users, the number of women passionate about running increases more and more. This application stands out for marking your training route, distance, time and pace. You can also share your achievements and images with other social networks. They keep track of your progress with coach tips, and you can challenge yourself by competing with your friends.


Runtastic Six Pack

Don’t go missing for the summer.  Many wish to show off their curves on the beach or the inevitable pool party. Therefore, to achieve a steel abdomen or tone-in-a-two-piece look, this application suggests 50 types of exercises focused on HD videos. It also has a 10-week Six-pack plan.



Monitor daily caloric intake and physical activity. Maintains a record of daily progress: calories ingested, calories burned with physical activity and remaining calories to compensate (sends you reminders, too!)

What “APP”bout you?  Do you have a go-to app to help you with your fitness and training needs?

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