Top 7 Things to Pack when Traveling for Work or Play



It’s Summer. You’re likely making your list of all the places you cannot wait to visit once borders open back up and airlines allow leisure travel again, post-virus. We decided that now is the perfect time to really appreciate the ability to travel and to consider what will be best to pack moving forward as, no doubt, traveling has changed forever.  Of course, as women, we tend to over pack, yet still somehow manage to forget important items that we simply must have for ourselves.


As we travel often with our performance panties, our staff have shared their top items they bring no matter what – so that they’re prepared no matter the hour or event. Plus, what they will add in moving forward to always be mindful of future travel safety regarding health (it's just good practice!)



Did you know that we actually created a breathable, washable, high-performance mask with anti-bacterial protection - using some of our already-patented and FDA-approved materials that are used in our performance underwear?! Yep, these face masks provides high-level respiratory protection that is comfortable and molds to your face on first use. The nano protection fabric is unique in that it inhibits and suppresses particles that land on the mask. The fabric sterilizes immediately and has a nano-silver catalyst which makes it a perfect “protective” shield. This product has been FDA approved as safe for its disinfectant properties. This will serve as reliable, personal protection as you venture outside of your homes to avoid cross-infection.



No matter the weather, you’ve got to keep skin feeling moisturized and hydrated.  Especially when you’re facing recycled airplane air, stuffy rideshare options and highly-populated arenas for trade shows.  Not to mention, when in the capacity of chatting all day, you want to look and feel refreshed.  Finding an SPF moisturizer will keep you feeling pretty and protected. 




Naturally, the very product we believe in and share with the world during our travels is the very product we use to catch any and al mishaps. We have a team of women from Moms to Marathoners who use Apele performance panties for a multitude of pelvic purposes.. From daily discharge to light menses and eve slight incontinence post-babies.  Of course, it always helps to showcase our no-pantyline, seamless design as well so packing and parading around in our Apele panties is always a must.


I’ll just be honest here. When it comes to traveling, dry shampoo is a life-saver.  I don’t ever skip on a nice, hot hotel shower, but I am not always keen on getting my hair wet.  Especially if we’ve had a long day at an event and are looking to enjoy a few hours on the town we are visiting before hitting the hay for the next day’s duties!  That’s said, I just keep a bottle of Dry Shampoo on me and spray when needed at the roots. Tousle it up and head out the door.  The next day it’s always helpful to apply it to the roots or anywhere there is a look that is greasy.



While many women swear by the roll-on or spray-on options, our group of ladies have fallen in love with a rub-on paste option.  Not only are there brands that host natural ingredients (have you heard about anti-perspirants with aluminum causing cancer?) but they also come in small, glass jars with perfect little paddles to scoop the ideal pea-size amount.

You get great coverage and sweat-proof protection all day while also feeling confident that you aren’t using items with questionable ingredients.



Whether you’re on the road or in the air, staying in the same position for a long period of time can do some damage on your body’s alignment. Throughout the day or before you rest, adding some options for pain relief are ideal. From tiger balms to CBD salves, there are a ton of options worth placing in your go-to gear.



If there is one thing we have learned, it is that working an event can out some major mileage on your feet! And it only travels up from there! As we shift our stance throughout the day, our body compensates to provide comfort. This can compromise our alignment also and make for a poor night’s sleep, which in turn, makes us less effective the next day. That said, having some flat shoes that are padded and comfortable can help with absorbing shock and also keeping as much surface area on the floor as possible to evenly distribute weight. We recommend a memory foam or similar at the base and not just ballet-like flats that you’d wear for just a few hours.


What about you? Got any travel tips or takeaways you simply must have or highly recommend? Let’s hear them! Comment below!

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