Top 6 Reasons Women Wear Underwear



Before you get all up in arms about going commando, we know , we know…  there are health benefits to “letting the cat out of her bag”… however, there are also times when wearing panties can protect you (front and back).  Here, we list 10 of the top reasons our ladies choose "chonies" in times of preference:



  1. It protects her private area. From rubbing against fabric, which can cause sores or abrasions to basic discomfort, having an extra layer between your outer garments can help meet your sensitive skin with softer fabrics that aren’t as abrasive as external garb.



  1. It makes her feel comfortable. Some women prefer wearing underwear because it is comfortable.  Again, this could be comfort from a physical standpoint but also comfort from an emotional or psychological standpoint.  Feeling less vulnerable to the elements or even other people is a motivation behind undergarments.


  1. It can keep her outer clothes clean by absorbing vaginal discharges. If you’re using panties designed to replace your pantyliner, you can expect that they will absorb any “incidents” that otherwise might stain or saturate your outerwear.



  1. It deters odors from rising. Now, you may have experienced that some odors find their way through even then thickest of attire and that’s certainly common. However, for the most part, typical discharge and other secretions shouldn’t boats too strong an odor, and if they do, much of it is contained within the gentle compression of a panty! Especially when the panties work to wick moisture.



  1. Panties can also help keep other products in place. Namely, pads and pantyliners. Placing them on the seams of your pants or shorts wouldn’t hold them in place very well. And, of course, a dress or skirt would require a magical hovering product to keep from falling down. Additionally, panties can serve as backup protection to your feminine product when having a heavy flow of whatever sort of mishap!


  1. Spices up wardrobe a bit. Not only can this be done for a partner, but even for the woman herself. Having cute or sexy undergarments tends to change the posture and even overall mood of a woman feeling more empowered, sensual or playful!


What are some of your reasons for donning delicates? We’d love to hear any additions to the above-mentioned feedback we received!

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