Top 5 menstrual cups in the market

Personal comfort is everything, even more so when you’re on your period! Pads and tampons come in handy when you need them most, but let’s face it-- they don’t exactly help much with the comfort factor on your heaviest flow days. Plus, if you’re looking to become more conscious about your own health and carbon footprint, pads and tampons aren’t the most environmentally friendly and the addition of chemicals during the manufacturing process may pose a potential health risk. As a result, many women have begun to seek out more sustainable options and the market has responded by developing the menstrual cup! 

What is a menstrual cup? 

So many women who make the switch to menstrual cups boast about the affordability, longevity, safety, and comfort they provide, not to mention how eco-friendly they are. The design is rather simple; it’s a flexible device in the shape of a cup or funnel and made from either rubber or silicone. A woman inserts the menstrual cup directly into her vagina where it collects menstrual blood and dumps the blood out once it becomes full. With a variety of shapes and sizes along with varying degrees of reusability, there is a menstrual cup out there for every woman. Here are some of the most popular menstrual cups currently out on the market : 

  1. The Diva Cup- This menstrual cup is a great place to start for just about any girl or 

woman. There are three models of varying sizes to choose from, each one targeted towards a specific age demographic. No matter which you select, Diva Cup guarantees you’ll feel comfortable and secure with up to twelve hours of leakage-free protection.


  1. MeLuna Classic- Targeting younger women as well as women who have not yet given 

birth, the MeLuna classic offers ultra-flexibility and contours well to your vaginal walls for maximum comfort and protection.


  1. Lena Cup- The Lena Cup boasts gentle and soft silicone material for added comfort and ease of insertion. The circumference of the cup appears wider than other cups on the market, so it’s highly recommended for women with wider vaginal canals but still a great option for most women to try out. 



  1. Super Jennie- If you’re a lady accustomed to a much heavier flow during your period, Super Jennie has got you covered. This larger cup holds almost 42 milliliters of blood and its wide design and sleek silicone material afford it both flexibility and longevity to get you through a 12 hour shift comfortably.


  1. The Tampax Cup- New to cups and prefer to stick to a reputable brand? Tampax has 

branched out in the menstrual cup market and offers free panty liners to accompany you on your heavy flow days. Designed to sit higher in your vagina and alleviate discomfort in the lower regions of your vagina, this cup is meant to support comfort with its smooth silicone design.


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