Top 4 Ways Your Period Makes You More Attractive

We may not always feel our best when we are on our periods. In fact, we may not even look our best, as our psychology often affects our physiology. However, if we focus on what is really going on behind-the-scenes, we can reframe our minds to embrace the miracle of our menstruation and allow for the femininity to flow out from us in ways that are far more appealing than what we typically think of exuding

1) Natural Beauty. First and foremost, the main purpose of your period is to release what no longer serves you. So, knowing that your body has a built-in, natural cleansing process is reason alone to feel FRESH. This can be adopted by a FRESH approach to makeup and hair also. Consider detoxing your face and hair also, while letting your natural, glowing face and hair shine. Some women consider lighter foundation or mineral makeup – if anything at all. Highlighting their eyelashes with mascara or even perming their actual lashes. Then adding some chapstick to show off natural beauty in the lips. With hair rather than adding a ton of product during a time that your lower half is in detoxification, many women wash their hair and try some of the more simple and casual buns that make for a natural flow of hair.

2) Attitude. It is no surprise that when your body is ridding itself of excess debris, we also do not wish to add any drama to the already-daunting process of cramps and bleeding. Hence, women oftentimes may be seen as a bit… moody and direct when on their cycles however this can be celebrated. In fact, one of the best facts of being under stress is that less important things move to the wayside. That said, you may find a great deal of clarity during your cycle and its worth looking into the decisions you make during that time to see where you otherwise stretch yourself thin in the other three weeks of the month.

3) Purity. Sure, none of us are 100% clean all the time, however, the fact of the matter is that your body is literally balancing itself out in everything from hormones to odors. Knowing that this is a super power you have, consider it a restart every month and give yourself permission to re-dedicate to better eating, sleeping and other priorities that you trust are best for you in the coming month. This makes you focus on what matters and is noticeable by others. Inspiring them to do the same for themselves.

4) Attire. Certainly, women tend to experience bloating and fatigue, making it less likely for them to want to wear tight-fitting clothing or spend hours in front of the mirror effecting their brow arch and matte lips. If you do, more power to you. But if you’re with the women who don’t, use this as a time to try some fun new outfits that are comfortable and more effortless. This may show the side of you that is less flashy and more down-to-earth.

Of course, all of these looks and feels can be rocked by you as you deem fit! These are just some ideas to hopefully inspire you to embrace your powerful body and all that it is capable of, in the midst of your menstrual cycle.

Do you have any timeless and trending behaviors or bonuses you give yourself during your cycle? Share the love!

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