Top 4 Reasons Your Period is a Good Thing!


Raise your hands if you love your period? Or are you holding your pelvic region, to apply pressure to your cramps? There is a laundry list of reasons women can complain about their monthly visitor – including the literal laundry that it requires – on top of stains, pains and bloated weight gains. However, there are some incredible reasons to embrace and celebrate the miracle of your menstrual cycle and here we list just a few, in hopes of making your hemorrhaging days some of your happiest. Here, we have compiled just some of what he world has to say about this sacred and special time.

1) Down to the bones! It has been researched and believed that women have smaller, thinner bones than men, and that estrogen, a hormone in women that protects bones, decreases sharply when women reach menopause, which can cause bone loss and possible development of osteoporosis.  Research from the Center of Ovulation and Menstrual Cycle Research has discovered that experiencing monthly menstruation, along with regular ovulation, is vital for maintaining long-term bone health (avoiding osteoporosis).

2) Thyroid. When your thyroid is not performing optimally, it can lead to fatigue, weight gain, depression, high cholesterol, and other symptoms that are commonly associated with that time-of-the-month. If you have a healthy thyroid and it is working at an optimal rate, you are more likely to have regular periods. Therefore, a regular period may be a sign that your thyroid is, in fact, working favorably.

3) Sex and satisfaction. Your regular monthly cycle can assist you in identifying the best days for sexual arousal and enjoyment. Many women find that the increase in testosterone will give a positive effect to their sexual desire and enjoyment – not coincidentally, these are also the days just before you release an egg in ovulation. For those considering family planning, this works well with aiding in conception.

4) Fitness. Having alignment with your menstrual cycle will allow you to identify which days you will likely have more energy to perform workouts that require more from you. For example, when your estrogen levels are lower, you’ll find favor for quick energy. As a result, some women find that these days 4–11 (typically) allow for high-intensity exercise, with lower heart rates and breathing rates. Outside of these days, you may find that a less-intense workout regimen is tolerable and helpful for where your body is. See our blog on 5 gentle exercise activities during your cycle.

Your menstrual cycle is essential to helping you learn, plan for, and make choices about your personal well being, mood, exercise and other lifestyle decisions. A regular cycle will let your body know when your hormones are in balance or when there is perhaps an imbalance that can be further identified. There are many apps that can assist you in identifying your unique cycle rhythm. Be patient and find one that works for you, while also honing in on your intuition about what feels “right” and what seems off.

Have any additional benefits you have found to your cycle? Do share with your fellow females here!

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