Tips to Be Multi-Orgasmic


Have you heard the news?? Maybe, you’re already very well aware…? Women can be multi-orgasmic.  In fact, we are designed by nature to enjoy the many pleasures of life again and again…and again!


Our bodies are capable of multiple orgasms. You can find this out with a bit of practice – either with a partner – or on your own via self-gratification. There are many benefits to understanding your own body and taking it to levels of gratification you may have never experienced before.


How do we reach multiple orgasm status?  Well, first we navigate our bodies to a single orgasm with focus on how our body reacts once aroused until actual climax.


Over time, you’ll identify the feelings you have just before reaching climax.  Perhaps you notice a certain rhythm or a specific “groove” if you will that seems to take place each time before you orgasm.  Notice this and when starting with a partner, try to be mindful of reaching this point.


Once you find yourself coming close to those same feelings of peak pleasure, slow things down a bit back to about half the level of energy and excitement.  Still, aroused and lubricated but not on the brink as you were just moments prior.


Begin to raise the bar yet again to that point of no-return. Except… you can return…. In just a few moments.  Allow yourself to climax.  Immediately after, do not throw in the towel.  Figuratively or literally. It isn’t clean-up time just yet as you’ve only just begun.


Revisit feelings and sensations that are not directly impacting the now-likely-sensitive clitoris. Try some indirect stimulation of the genitals, like rubbing the general area instead of directly touching the clitoris. Oftentimes, women report having too much sensitivity near their clitoris and because of such, do not further their orgasmic experience into multiples.


Keep in mind that while your journey has only just begun and can continue for a long time, men generally start with low arousal, achieve high arousal (often quickly), then orgasm. They then have a refractory period in which they physically can’t orgasm again for hours or, sometimes, days.

One of the ways to perhaps consider “helping out” with a longer tolerance for pleasure is to look into numbing gels or creams where the label identifies dose usage and ingredients.  Typically, an aerosol spray will contain a mixture of the anesthetics lidocaine and prilocaine. Many of these products are typically applied onto the tip of the penis 15 minutes before sex.


You can also outsmart an early ejaculation by having your partner wear a condom or a desensitizing condom.


With so many options available, it is certainly worth looking into and giving a try- or several tries!  We wish you luck, pleasure and understanding in your journey towards multiple orgasms!

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