The Evolution of Feminine Products


Ever looked at our period panties or a menstrual cup and thought “What will they think of next?”.  Well, while our future products remain a secret-in-production, we begged to ask “What have they thought of already?”.


Today, we take a look at the where we’ve been and what the women of the generations before us used during their cycles. Buckle up for one wile blast from the past!


A far back as 1850, you could expect to wear an apron in the kitchen and, well, an apron. They were pieces of rubber that you would wear over your butt between your bloomers and skirt, so when you sat down there was a rubber barrier! In addition to this, women would also sew flannel to absorb mishaps.


Then in the late 1800s, there was a sack-like prototype that is rumored to have not gone well with sales.  It featured straps for over-the-shoulder wearing, with an open gusset that dipped down for blood to pour into. Think, external menstrual cup.


Fast-forward to the 1920s and you see the beginning of what we now know as the cotton tampon. What originated as a dressing wound for soldiers became a stockpile of unused cotton post-war.  Being such a taboo subject, they were often right at the register where a woman could leave a nickel in place of the product.  Comical to think that even now some men and women still struggle with the thought of buying such products.


Just two years later, a patent for a menstrual belt appears in 1922. We aren’t sure how well that one did seeing as Kotex tampons have stayed around but we’ve yet to hear about a girlfriend’s “menses belt”…


Then, surprise, the first menstrual cup. Yep! 1930s!  Did you think the latest cups were something new?  Turns out they were patented nearly a century ago! However, because the sight and touching of blood wasn’t exactly as acceptable as it is today, the cup didn’t go very far in initial popularity.


So, lo and behold, the maker of the tampon – complete with an applicator to keep hands clean.  Created by a man in 1931, this cardboard and cotton duo would remain what we know them as today.

Come 1969, the women wanted more freedom from the belts and aprons and opted for the latest tech in adhesive.  Yep, the pad that simply sticks to your panty.  A total game changer for ease and discarding/swapping out.


And now… period and mishap panties by yours truly. Which can be used in addition to or sometimes in lieu of these above-mentioned products, while also being sustainably used time and time again. 


Wild to think that we’ve come this far in such a short “period” of time!  Thank goodness we have.  Which of these do you think was the wildest of inventions?



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