The Bond between Mother and Daughter



Not every mother-daughter relationship is BFF material, however, there are many ways and reasons a mother and a daughter can be connected deeply. In fact, science is now proving that the mother-daughter bond is stronger than any other relational link.


Trumping a Mom-son or Dad-son/Dad-daughter bond, the tie between the two ladies of the house is the most robust because, as rumor has it, women process emotion in a way unique to their gender. This allows for a special correlation between the two women in a group or family.


Given that women are known for a more emotionally-intelligent and empathic nature, it’s only reasonable that they understand the other more than any other member of family or friends. There’s a literal “chemistry” between a mom and daughter that the brain recognizes.


Because of this innate chemistry, Mom and daughter are more likely to share the same emotions and even responses when faced with similar challenges.  All the same, this could also prompt fighting at times because the pair can be too much alike in respective environments or circumstances.


This is especially true of the mental health attributes. There truly is a strong correlation between a mother’s mental and medical makeup and that of her daughter’s.  While it doesn’t necessary guarantee the same diagnoses or challenges shared between the two, it certainly can pre-dispose daughter to more of Mom’s behaviors and battles.

On the opposite of this, because a daughter can see certain traits and reverse or rewire her natural responses, who better than a daughter to give Mom the grace she deserves so that the two of them can build upon a foundation of mutual respect, understanding and support?

As Mom ages, daughter can identify similarities while also honoring areas of growth that Mom may not have displayed, but certainly hoped daughter would learn from.

Another recent study found moms favor daughters (and dads favor sons) because of shared-experience bias. There’s a mutual understanding that the opposite gender simply cannot fully grasp, no matter orientation or identification preferences.

The bond between Mother and daughter – be it a close chemistry or  a segregated similarity is still one of the strongest bonds known to womankind!

 What about you and Mom? What of your traits are similar to hers? Are you besties or just behave alike? Has it always been that way?  Share with your Mom a gratitude for a bond that not even science can argue against!

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