The Best in Tech and Gear for Runners



Running is one of the most popular physical activities in the world. It is no wonder that for this reason, many companies have turned their efforts to create and improve upon the gadgets, accessories and attire of runners. The technology behind it all is impressive and aims to make the exercise routine more efficient, simple and fun. From the tennis shoes that give you a boost of energy, through the apps that are responsible for creating personalized playlists, even the monitors that warn you if you have to slow down, and the performance panties we’ve created to keep you dry and comfortable despite sweat and light incontinence, the following gadgets and accessories could become your new object of desire. Below we list some of the best in technology and attire for runners.


Immediate information with a chronometer clock

Bringing a watch to your workouts does not mean extra weight or discomfort while running. Running with a clock allows you to have information instantly and in a very simple way. If your watch has GPS, you will get the same information as on your mobile (probably more accurately), and if your watch does not have GPS, you can still get quality information. If you run on a circuit with marked distances, you can glance at your watch to know the time you have been running. It allows you to calculate what your average speed is and if it is necessary, make some adjustments while running.

Quality Ear Buds

Music is an excellent tool to make running a more dynamic and fun exercise, especially in those days where we feel more tired than usual. To avoid the classic fights with the earphones that get tangled and go out every time you take a step, you can look for headphones meant for running, designed to stay put no matter what movements your body makes. It is important that you look for hearing options that allow you to listen to what is happening around you, even when your playlist is running, in order to avoid accidents and stay alert.


Transforming your running with “tennies”

Much of the technology that companies are pouring into the world of running focuses on developing new materials and new ways to transform classic sports shoes. These advances have allowed companies like Adidas to launch tennis shoe lines that adapt to the personal style and rhythm of life of athletes. When we talk about innovation, many new tennis shoes seek to transform your running, offering the extra energy you need when you run. In each step the sole of the shoe reduces the pressure of the muscles and joints; in addition, lightweight material provides the comfort that professionals and amateurs look for.


Music in tune

You already have the sneakers and the headphones; you're ready to go running. You start your stretch and when you queue up your music, you want to know you’ve got a playlist willing to support you for the long haul. With an app called Adidas Go, with a single click, you can share the information of your last running session; post it on social networks or save the playlist on Spotify. If you do not have the streaming service, do not worry, because the application can also work with the music you have on your mobile device, so forget the slow romantic songs that do not help you run. Opt for something that gets you pumped and keeps you moving!


Performance panties.  We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about our own technology. That’s right, even our undies boast an intentional design that is tailored to help runners focus on the finish line in front of them! Our performance fabric layer wicks sweat and moisture AWAY your body with our ultra thin technology so you barely feel it is there and will feel dry where it counts. Our power layer mesh does not pool bacteria because it dries quickly. Your body heat evaporates what goes into the core, drying as you move. Our interior layer is leak-resistant: it is constructed with a power mesh layer which sits against your skin and under it, is a leak resistant layer made of a thin sheath of polypropylene to prevent leaking. The combination of these two interior fabrics + a high stretch performance fabric creates the perfect everyday leak resistant solution. 

These are just some of the areas that technology is rapidly developing in to enhance your performance! Got some other suggestions or latest gadgets you swear by? Let’s hear about them!  

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