Spontaneity vs Pre-planning every step: What works for you?


Everyone lives life differently. We all have different goals, desires, dreams, and values. The way you approach life comes from your own experiences and perceptions. Do you go with the flow and tackle life as it comes? Or do you carefully assess every move you make before you make it? Which is better? There are benefits and drawbacks to both but the answer depends on which approach fits your lifestyle best. 

So-What?! Spontaneity 

Those who are spontaneous ‘wing it’ through life. They roll with the punches and blessings as they come and react to them on the spot. They might approach life with a flippant “Whatever happens, happens” mentality. To spontaneous people, life is an adventure and just more enjoyable this way. They don’t get worked up easily and are typically able to adjust and be flexible when the need arises. In their work and personal lives, spontaneous people react to change well as they love trying new things and being surprised along the way. Their ability to transition well benefits them when it comes to brainstorming ingenious ideas and facilitating change when something no longer appears to be working. 

On the other hand, since pre-planning isn’t usually in the cards, those who are spontaneous may find themselves in a losing situation when they don’t pay attention or plan for the little things that matter. For example, if a spontaneous person decides to take a long road trip but fails to budget adequately for gas, food, and hotel costs, they may find themselves in a less than ideal situation that pre-planning could have helped prevent.


Planners Prioritize 

Planners never act without having a plan in mind. They constantly think ten steps ahead and create solutions for any possible outcome. Being prepared is of the utmost importance and they hate last-minute plans and avoid making spur-of-the-moment decisions. Risk-taking and randomness aren’t part of a planner’s vocabulary. Their intention is to achieve the goals they set out with no issues and inconveniences. If a problem does arise, they most likely have already imagined this scenario and prepared a plan and remedy. 

Planners love scheduling their days, booking vacations months in advance, and setting appointments ahead of time. However, life doesn’t always go as planned. Planners might find it difficult to adapt to unfamiliar situations they couldn’t foresee beforehand and become stressed 

and anxious. Their propensity for perfection may also cause tension with others. Their insistence on a set schedule might even take away the fun and adventure in day-to-day life and while on vacation. 

Whether you approach life spontaneously or carefully, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy the crazy ride! 

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