Signs and Symptoms that May be Pointing to Hormone Replacement

Are you tossing and turning at night?  Or perhaps feeling like you’ve lost muscle tone and strength.  Maybe you are fighting fatigue that otherwise can’t be connected to anything else in your lifestyle.

If so, there is potential that you may be in need of hormone replacement therapy.  Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment with estrogen with the aim of alleviating menopausal symptoms or osteoporosis.

Clients that have participated in hormone replacement therapy have reported they have regained energy, improved muscle strength, increased mental clarity and lost weight more easily.

For women, we have everything from menopause to other pelvic health concerns directly related to our hormones. There are many areas within your life that could potentially benefit from this therapy. Some signs you may have include, but are not limited to:

A lack of muscle strength or decline in such

Decreased muscle strength

Difficulty getting a full night’s rest or staying asleep

Difficulty focusing on projects for long periods of time

Feeling exhausted

Less of a sex drive

Moodiness or behavioral inconsistencies

Muscle and/or joint pain

Skin that is dry

Thinning hair or loss of hair

Vaginal dryness

Weight gain near pelvic area


Certainly, any one of these above things can be addressed individually.  Consider talking to your healthcare provider about options for your hormones and health.  Be sure to bring up each of these above items – especially if they are happening in bulk!  DO not dismiss them as one-offs.  Be sure to report such to your doctor and get information on what options exist to assist you, including hormone replacement therapy.



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