Should you avoid making crucial decisions during your period?

As women, our bodies go through a series of changes every month to prepare for menstruation. Not only do we outwardly change with bloated tummies, facial and body breakouts, and swollen breasts but internally, a whole lot of changes are occurring. The female hormones circulating throughout our systems (estrogen and progesterone) are stable and elevated during the start of our menstrual cycle as they signal the body to prepare for possible pregnancy but begin to decline around the time our period begins. With this hormonal decline comes the possibility of fatigue, emotional instability, and mood swings. 

Your hormones have the ability to influence your entire mood? As crazy as it sounds, that’s exactly what happens, though every woman is different and many women experience little to no symptoms while on their period. The low levels of these hormones in your body before your period (pre-menstrual syndrome) and at the start of your period can make you generally irritable and not in the best mood, while simultaneously making you an emotional wreck. 

For years men have joked that this “condition” impairs women from thinking rationally and thus is a good reason why women shouldn’t hold positions of power. While it’s a scientific fact that many women’s thoughts and feelings are affected during menstruation, could this sentiment hold some truth? Should you avoid making crucial decisions while on your period? 

This idea is absolutely outdated and holds no weight in the real world. Women are perfectly capable of remaining level-headed and practical while menstruating and women in charge continue to do just fine, thank you very much. Your emotional state varies month to month, with some months being more volatile than others. You shouldn’t be afraid of thinking for yourself and taking charge during your period but what you should be careful of is letting powerful emotions dictate your decisions. 

For example, if it seems every little thing bothers you and you can’t think straight without getting absolutely enraged, you should probably take heed when it comes to making rash decisions about relationships or career decisions. Don’t allow your anger to guide your decision-making. Recognize the emotion you’re feeling, understand why you feel this way, take a deep breath, and give yourself time to recollect your thoughts. 

On the other hand, when you’re uncontrollably emotional, employ different coping methods such as talking it out with someone you trust or just winding down in a bubble bath, giving yourself the chance to cool down. The important thing to remember is that you are aware of the emotions you feel and you are capable of controlling them. 

Our bodies are a wonder and we need to remember to appreciate the beauty of being female, along with the struggles this state of being entails. Don’t let anyone shame you for it! 


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