Post-Partum Panties and Why Apele is Ideal


It’s that time – or about that time! You’re gearing up for your delivery date (or that of a good friend’s or partner’s) and preparing for what to expect post-partum.  Every hospital bag out there will list what to pack, from birth plans to lip balm and robes to cell phone and charger. However, somehow, some way, one of the most important products often gets unmentioned – likely because it falls in the categories of unmentionables.  Undies, that is.  And while we at Apele certainly believe that Confidence is Quiet (discretion and dignity are so important), we also do not shy away from these natural happenings!  Apele as made specifically for such occasions as this! Post-baby, post-delivery (whether vaginal or c-section) hemorrhaging. 

It’s bound to happen. It has to. In fact, the average loss of blood during delivery isn’t the full 30-40 pounds that you averaged to put on!  Baby and placenta only make up a portion of what is eliminated.  The remaining bleeding that will commence is known as lochia. It’s how your body gets rid of the extra blood and tissue in your uterus that helped your baby grow and it happens heaviest the first few days after your baby is born.  So, while sitting upright in your hospital bed the first few days after baby, you are definitely still in “heal mode” and your body is purging at the pelvic region.  Post-partum panties are a must for the reasons listed below:

Comfortable and Comforted.  Normal panties just won’t cut it – nor are they typically cut for it - literally.  Your thighs are bigger, your elastic waistbands need flexibility and the fabric of your usual top-drawer items are not equipped to absorb the volume of discharge and blood that is exiting your body.

Mishap-resistant Mesh.  Designed for mishaps of all sorts are not only capable of absorbing untimely leaks of all kinds, but also created with performance nylon that wicks away moisture keeping you dry and comfortable considering.  Along the edge, the seamless design makes for a flexible yet forming fit that reduces leaks and moves with you without riding up or over.  The soft fabric will not irritate stitching areas, while also providing a sense of compression that is the perfect balance between snug and supple.

Breathable.  Apele panties also boast a breathable ability which prevents infection by keeping your vaginal area dry and gives air to wounds that are still healing.  With an added layer of protection, one would think bulk, but our light-weight performance layers have the functionality needed to keep air flowing where it needs to, while preventing flowing of anything unwanted.


Looks matter.  No one said that postpartum panties couldn’t be pretty! Our designs range from classic to cute.  Our black post-partum panties will give you the full coverage you need after giving birth while also providing an aesthetic that beats the hospital gown garb.

Rest assure that when it comes to the moments of magic that accompany your delivery, we can take care of you days and weeks post-partum, so that you can give your undivided attention to baby.  

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