Period Blood Colors and What they Mean


This may come as a surprise to those of you who experience a fairly consistent color every time your cycle returns, but there are actually many women who experience a variety of colors during their menstrual bleeding.  Though, it need not cause a lot of concern.  It’s actually not uncommon at all for period blood to range from a dark red to even brown hues. Nevertheless, Apele is here to share the many ways and rays that could show up and how, for the most part, it is nothing to worry over.

Bright Red Tint. Most period blood is typically depicted as a bright red. It isn’t like what you’d see from any other part of the body that suffers a cut or abrasion.  When it is bright in color like this, it is typically the brand new blood, or “freshest”, most timely of bleeding. That said, it isn’t uncommon to see this color towards the beginning or onset of your cycle – either in streaks or first few wipes once your period has started to flow.

Dark red.  The longer blood as been in your uterus the deeper and darker red tint it will likely have to it.  This color is usually a characteristic of the heavier parts of your flow and thus, consist of uterine lining. It is typically the most volume being shed during the process as well.  It is simply darker as it has been sitting for a longer duration and can also be the first color you see after a long night of sleeping while bleeding either onto a pad or into overnight apele everyday undies.

Light Red to Pink. Contrary to a heavy and darker period would be the obvious lighter and… well, lighter period. Both in amount and shade.  When spotting, you may notice a much lighter color of blood as less is coming out. This also may be during a timeframe in your monthly cycle where you are experiencing either the onset or tapering off of your period.

Brown and Dark Brown.  Unless you are regularly monitoring your cycle, you may not notice the color variations, however those who use Apele everyday undies seem to have a strong understanding of their pelvic health and processes because they can witness what’s being secreted in the power mesh of our fabric.  It isn’t uncommon to see this color towards the end of your cycle. In fact, it is even oftentimes, accompanied by streaks or clots of “older blood” as your period weans and expels the last of the cycle’s lining.


Orange or Yellow.  This is not to be confused with discharge.  During your cycle, if your period has these sorts of colors, it could be means for getting it checked out by a professional. Particularly if there is an odor that comes with it.  This could be signs of an STI (formerly known as an STD). 

That’s that!  The many colors of period blood that you may experience during your cycle.  Remember, Apele everyday undies are there to catch these mishaps and everday happenings in our power mesh that keeps you dry and free from stains!

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