Orgasms: From Pelvic Health to Pleasure

Orgasms.  Did you snicker a bit when you read that? A taboo topic for some, but an important one to have.  Orgasms are literally a topic worth shouting about. Obviously, there is the reputation it has for being the epitome of pleasure reached by a man or women. 

But beyond that, orgasms are also rumored to be good for overall pelvic health, including pelvic floor strength and deterring incontinence.

Recently, there has been speculation by scientists that the female orgasm benefits don’t stop at enjoyment. 

Beyond gratification, the orgasm (which can be reached without a partner, might we add) is also being studied for its link to toning the pelvic floor muscles.

As the muscles are vital for childbirth, doctors have authored papers in the Journal of Women’s Health, Issues and Care arguing that the orgasmic muscles contribute to holding the abdominal organs in place, holding the rest of the body up, and preventing urinary incontinence, hip pain, and knee pain.

These very muscles that bring satisfaction can be strengthened by the use of kegel exercises alongside other pelvic exercises to increase flow and improve health.

Acknowledging the potential role of the female orgasm in toning the pelvic floor is vital for women’s health.

Orgasms can be practiced either solo or with a partner.  Reaching climax can result in occasional incontinence. Something called coital incontinence.  It occurs when women have urine leakage during sexual activity, when having an orgasm, or both.

Sexual stimulation can put pressure on your bladder or urethra. It's characterized by a sudden and urgent need to urinate and an involuntary contraction of your bladder, which expels urine.

You can clearly see the relationship between the bladder and bliss.

While a loving partner wouldn’t shame you for this, nor should you shame yourself if single-and-loving-your-own-bod, you could potentially correct this issue with an intentional focus on kegels.

Kegel exercises work for all kinds of urinary incontinence. They strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are used to hold in urine. Kegels are done by repeatedly squeezing and relaxing the pelvic floor muscle.

So, don't just feel good. Feel strong and confident that your orgasms aren't just for pleasure, but pelvic health also! Sounds like a workout we can really get behind! 

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