Natural Ways to Keep Your Private Area Clean


It’s a topic women veer away from talking about. I mean, let’s face it, it is an embarrassing subject to talk about. It’s not like we meet with our girlfriends and talk about how to keep our vagina clean. Or do we? I say more times than not, we choose to stay away from expressing the details of a clean vagina. Or lack thereof, especially. So with so many things out there that market to keeping your vagina clean, we wanted to list some things you may wish to consider before jumping on the bandwagon – so whether the topic comes up or not, you are educated and confident in your own cleanliness.


While many women think it is commendable to douche, there are studies that suggest there is no real reason to do so. See, our body is meant to take care of itself intuitively. Amazing, right? Due to the low pH around our vagina, this in itself prevents the growth of bad bacteria. If you put product around or in your vagina, it oftentimes will offset your pH, which can lead to a yeast or bacterial infection. 


Worried about discharge? Discharge is normal as that is one of the ways your body cleans itself. Another reason why douching may not be the best to perform is because any chemical or fragrance inserted in your vagina may lead to hormonal changes.  If you want to stay clean, grab a mild, gentle soap (especially a pH balanced-formula designed for sensitive areas) and wash gently around the labia (the outer part of the vagina). Try to stay away from a loofah or sponge as it may be too rough on that area of skin.


While keeping clean is imperative, there are measures that may help with comfort. For example, opt for cotton undies rather than lace. Cotton is easier to breathe and won't cause irritation. As sexy as thongs may be to us women, they can increase the chance of infection.  Consider panties that are designed for comfort and confidence, like our performance nylon wear that doesn’t ride up and also keeps you dry from all mishaps and natural occurrences – like discharge and even menses!  


You’ve also maybe heard the stories about urinating post-intimacy. Peeing, not only after sex, but also before sex can help with cleansing the area before insertion. Any bacteria transmitted from the penis can enter the urethra. Crazy to think but that opening to the urethra can carry any bacteria straight down to the bladder which then can manifest as a UTI. (Urinary tract infection) So play it safe and urinate before and after intercourse or foreplay, while also ensuring you wipe thoroughly, of course. In addition, always remember to practice the habit of wiping front-to-back whether urinating or both a bowel movement and urine.


Then, there is always the grooming around your vagina. While many women may shave or trim, it is also important to watch for any ingrown hairs. What may seem like a nuisance could lead to more than irritation as it also may venture into folliculitis, causing an abscess if not watched closely. So your best bet is to find comfortable and successful grooming styles that work for you consistently and keeping an eye out for any adverse reactions to your routine.


All and all, keeping our body cleaned is much easier and naturally-occurring than we may have thought.  Be gentle and mindful or your body and much of your hygiene down below will happen effortlessly and organically.

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